What happens in the forums, stays in the forums

Has anyone other than me noticed (and found it inconvenient) that there is pretty much only one way to exit the new ratebeer forums? Only one practical way? I think it could become frustrating and confusing for people checking out the site for the first time to not be able to figure out how to get the Hell back out of the forums.
I’ve only found one practical way, as illustrated. There’s no indication that the logo in the upper left hand side of the forums page is anything more than an illustration. We should probably make it easier to navigate to other parts of the site, such as a user’s profile page, in a more direct and speedy way. If not, at least make it more obvious that the only practical way out of here is via the link to the home page, located at the top left.


The 3 bars in the blue rectangle is how I navigate.

click on events, places, community, more etc all bring you back

Now i think improvement need made, but there definitly a few ways back

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Honestly we just need the global search bar back. I appreciate it will be somewhat weird having two search bars but we’re all used to the big one in the middle of the header throughout the site. The forum search is kept to the top right and hidden behind the magnifying glass icon until you click it. So I don’t think it will be too confusing.

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I didn’t even know you could click on that ‘exit tool’ at top left. Thanks for mentioning it.


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Search bar should available everywhere on the site, including this forums that seem to be something apart from the core RB.

Assuming the new forums and the rest of the site will be United some day, right, right?


Your right Craig. There are a few ways out of the forums, but none (other than the rb icon) are “practical.” They take you places that you may not necessarily want to go, making it “at least” a two step process to be able to get back to your profile page.

Oh totally agree not Ideal.

I think this is the correct solution. We really should be able to link directly to a beer from every page on the site. This would be a fantastic addition to the forums page. How to make it aesthetically appealing, I don’t know, but I’m more about function and easy navigation.
It would also be very useful to have a direct link to one’s profile/beer-ratings pages available on every page on the website. :slight_smile:

I do like the new setup of the forums. So kudos to the developer(s). I don’t want to be seen as someone who just complains about everything. I like it that our forums are closer in appearance and function to facebook and twitter. I also love the drag and drop image/photo function. It used to be such a pain in the ass to insert an image using imgur. :heart_eyes:

There are definitely some more tweaks that need to be made to the forums page, but I see they’ve already been mentioned, so I’ll just shut-up about those for a while unless there’s no fix or further mention of them. Cheers!

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I signed up to Imgr just to try put images into RB and always Struggled

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Me too. I never used my imgur account for anything else and it was always hit or miss whether the url I inserted was going to show the actual image or just a link to it or nothing useful at all. lol


Maybe not.

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I have begun opening the forums page in a new tab. That way I never leave the “main” site and can close the forums tab when I want to leave. However, a new visitor is not going to do that. Actually, it would be more convenient if the forums page opened in a new tab automatically.


I keep 2 tabs open.


Me too. It’s annoying that this is necessary though. I wish the forums/main site could be reunited properly.

Apart from that, I’m generally pretty happy with the new forums now I’m used to them. Just one question - has anyone found a quick way to get straight back to the top of a long thread (ie to see the original post)?


We’re working on this.


I’d keep the global search for beers bar where it is and put a forum search bar lower somewhere. I think that would make the most sense.

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I’m sorry. Which three bars? Top right? If so, they only allow you to navigate within the forums. It’s not a way to leave and hit another part of the site. However, the three bars I’m seeing aren’t in a blue rectangle, so maybe your referring to something else.

Are these bars highlighted in hot pink what you’re talking about?