What is the easiest beer you haven't rated?

What is the beer with the most ratings that you simply have never rated? For me it is BrewDog Punk IPA (modern version). I even had purchased it once, but my wife drank it.


Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA.

Simply because it is not sold here and I’ve never bothered to look for it on trips abroad or back home.

Holy shit

I don’t rate macros in general but some of these others are very surprising especially number 1

Had it a thousand times, never rated so far. Big shame on me

The same applies to other very easy to find belgian beers…


On the Advanced Search page (sorted by Most Ratings) I can see only three I haven’t rated:

Stone IPA
Stone Ruination IPA

Any way to see more?

I was using https://www.ratebeer.com/top/all and then click on COUNT to sort by number of ratings, but like Advanced Search this is limited to 50, though you can filter by country and style which is good.

Of the overall top 50, I’m currently missing 10, all but one are American beers though. Two or three I can probably get here sometime, the others I’ve never seen over here. Only English one I miss is Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, haven’t been interested in macro stuff for ages but I guess I might pick this one up if I see.

Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA is the most rated that I miss.

Go to Travel List the button will be on right when in your cellar area then click sort by most ratings and leave all other fields blank


Despite being surrounded by multiple places selling it, and even living literally a 20 minute walk from the old brewery/visitor centre, i have never actually rated Carlsberg Pilsner which was surprising :slight_smile:

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Budweiser Budvar B:Original (Czechvar) 12°

I have had it before I started rating, but still have not rated it.


My old nemesis from what’s the easiest country you haven’t rated. I’ve certainly had a lot of Guinness, just never rated it. First one I’ve never drunk would be Ayinger Celebrator.

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Rogue Dead Guy Ale.

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Out of the Top 50, I only have 4 left to go:

  1. Westmalle Tripel (easy to get)
  2. Tripel Karmeliet (easy to get)
  3. Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (I’ve wanted this but no access to it)
  4. Victory HopDevil (sort of easy to get if I watch for it)

Budweiser Pale Lager 3699

Our local Bud is BUL in Sweden, or somewhere, and for unknown reasons is a separate listing, and ticked.

Also missing Stella, which would be trivial, I just can’t be arsed.

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Just two missing of the top 50 for me.

Founders Breakfast Stout and Bells Expedition Stout.


15 from the top 50 missing for me. Of which 10 should be easy to acquire if I want to.

Top 5 are:

Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA
Samuel Adams Boston Lager
North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
Rogue Dead Guy Ale

Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, but it’s not that easy to get in the Netherlands.

Lots of BrewDog for me…

Arrogant Bastard
Dale’s Pale
Dead Guy
Fat Tire

Small correction… it’s on the old-school inbox page.


Mine is Brewdog Punk IPA 5.6%.

BUL - Bullshit;).
Nothing like that in Sweden, it’s called Budweiser