What is the highest rated Pils with the broadest distribution?

I found 2 places near me that sold Victory Prima Pils but they said they are always out of stock.

Tipopils is in cans now, and I have seen it around NY. Prima Pils is super easy to find in PA, NY and Boston. Southampon Keller Pils also is pretty doable in New York. On draft Suarez Family pilsners are an increasingly common sight in NY. Sixpoint’s The Crisp is also relativey highly rated and easy to find in cans and draft. To answer your question, it depends where you are…

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Other than Victory Prima:
Sierra Nevada Nooner & Summerfest
Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils
Terrapin Sound Czech
Peak Organic Fresh Cut
Stoudt’s Pils
Firestone Walker Pivo
Unsure of where they all stand in ratings but all have reasonable distribution footprint and I like them all.
A few German and Czech .

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Now that PU is in brown glass, I would look to that. Whether it’s the highest rated is irrelevant, most ratebeerians don’t know jack about a good lager.


I have tried to like the regular Pillsner Urquel over the years but I’ve often found an inoffensive but present diacetyl quality to the beer. Even bought cans of it this year just to test it again. The unfiltered cask version was better the once or twice I tried it.

Additionally, if you tell us the state you live in we may be able to suggest so other versions .

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It’s gotta be Cara Pils :belgium:

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Ayinger Pils finally hit distro in Michigan, really enjoyed that one. I also loved Low Life by Evil Twin.

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You’re not wrong. There’s a little buttery touch there. And it’s distinctly under-attenuated. Sweetish and buttery with thumping floral and spicy bitterness to cover it. Marvelous beer, certainly amongst those I’d drink if I could only drink ten.

Also, the cans are good and the direct .5l green bottles are fine too because they’re in a box which has been especially designed to be dark on the inside.

Thanks for the responses. I live in SW Florida