What is the Next Big Beer Trend?

Right now it seems to be Hazy IPAs. Before that it was session ales, before that gose, before that the “I can Hop this IPA trend”, before that the Belgian beer wave and more. What’s next?

In my region, Nebraska specifically, it has been jalapeno beers and vanilla adjunct beers. I am predicting smoked beers are next. Again, this is just regionally.

Right now I see a mini trend of Golden/Blonde Ales.

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Hop terroir also seems to be a mini trend. A few prolific brewers (Mikkeller is one right now) seem to be keen on brewing a range of single hop pale ales all identical except for the location of where the hop was grown. Possibly a prohibitively expensive experiment for smaller brewers so maybe it will just be bigger ones doing things like this.

Cloudwater sort of did a similar thing a few months back with their :taco: / :cat: experiment.

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Barleywine is Life


fingers crossed for imperial stouts aged in various barrels

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I would love that although I doubt I could drink them regularly.
Oh and a trend I’m seeing (and honestly liking very much) is “medium strength” tropically hopped IPAs.

Getting a little tired of fruity murk bombs myself. I also like to think 2018 will see the end of desert-themed stouts & porters but the instagram ‘like’ potential is too high to subside just yet. Evil Twin signalled they will put out a series of classic styles this year so hopefully flavoursome, balanced, sessionable beers will come back.

Also in the UK there has been a noticeable rejection of sexist / misogynistic labelling which i can see building further this year. (Such pumpclips are have been a cringeworthy mainstay of traditional pubs here for years). Cloudwater put out a number of detailed tweets at the end of ‘17 urging an end to such artwork & calling for the industry to call out any brewers using sexist imagery only to collab with J Wakefield on a beer with such artwork, were called out on it, and the label having to be hastily redesigned. A number of other brewers have since redesigned core range beers such as Castle Rock’s Elsie Mo. Not sure if this is happening elsewhere in the world.

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Blood Oranges in the kettle seems to be a thing on the West Coast of the US, or at least it was until Pumpkins came ripe.


Love for the end of adjunct stouts i don’t hate them but its very rare i’m in the mood. Moving to Florida if you look at top 25 beers brewed here I think 24/25 are Imp Stout/Porter with adjuncts. Its 80 degrees out most the time wish more folks put out stuff i’d want to drink in this climate.

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Love the blood oranges (Moro) as long as I can taste them in the beer.

Like Milds?


Yes I love milds actually but even when I’ve been to the UK not as easy to find as I’d like. There is a few locals putting out decent saisons and occasional lager but I’d want more

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Blood Orange beers have been on the East Coast for a bit… definitely a marginal movement in the face of the hazebomb juggernaut.

I hadn’t seen any until I arrived in Southern California last Feb (2017) and a few were about, especially in Orange County. This last holiday (mid Dec 2017 to mid Jan 2018) there were more around and being brewed by some of the big boys rather than a few local brewpubs.

Shropshire doesn’t do ‘trends’, I have to travel to find any.


Norwegian farmhuse Ale styles are getting more and more popular here in Norway. Kveik and juniper rules!


I want some!

Yeah I think I had a few in Norway… good trend to have.

Love haand’s farmhouse stuff…

Gose and Berliner made a pretty good staple last year. I imagine lighter styles will continue to make a push, most likely IPL.