What is your Secret Beer ID?

I have nothing else but cynicism left, after I cannot click on a beer in my “Beer Ratings” list without ending up at “Jubeck California Lager”.

The reason for this is that my user ID, 324362, is equal to the beer ID of Jubeck California Lager, and when a page tries to show my rating of a beer, the servers have started to interpret this as if I want to see the beer with the same ID as my user ID.

What’s your Secret Beer ID?


Oh, that’s wonderful.
384392 - Laurelwood Santa’s Woody.


I can’t duplicate this.

You’ll need the “new” beer page, which I don’t have either.

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yes, seems like you need the new beer page.

In any case, you still do have a secret beer ID. just look at your user ID and find out which beer it is. In your case, it’s “Golden Gate Pale Ale” - and I land there if I click on ANY of the beers in your beer ratings.

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My secret beer id is George Killian’s Celtic Classic Stout (retired)


This is fun :smiley:, mine is:



My secret beer: Nice growler but no rates so far :frowning:

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Just noticed this myself - my most recently rated beer,
is apparently not Grainstore’s “Red Kite”, but is instead BeerId 51287
ABInBev’s “Most useless cnuts in the world”.
Ooops, sorry, I meant Pabst Brewing Company’s “Milwaukee Brewing Old Tankard Ale”

Testing? What’s testing?

RB is testing. Testing my patience. (Nah, fuckit, I’m out, gonna just write my own, one that actually works)

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New beer page can go suck it. :wink:

Hey, I enjoyed the Old Tankard!!

I’m tasteyaps5 now. wtf?

TasteTaps5 wtf?

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Sloth here!

Good old pappy

I haven’t a clue what you guys are doing, but can I play please?

97853 reporting for duty!


I’m still on the old beer page here so I don’t see this error. But my user ID is 368991 which belongs to this lonely beer https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/ascension-gourdie-howe/368991/ with just a single rating.

No beer sharing the same ID as you, must have been deleted! So no you can’t play :frowning: