What makes BA better than RB currently

Love how they have started the Q+A with brewers and interesting figures in the industry.

I wish our forums had 1/10 of the posts they do.

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Yeah, that’s not likely to happen.

Ratebeer LLC couldn’t organize the 20th fucking anniversary of the fucking website properly, let alone something like that.

Everything’s left to us and our will to repopulate the boards, so… not likely.


Hey the 20th RB Anniversary on both the Forum and Facebook page was a huge success wasn’t it? Tons of participants from all over the world… :slight_smile:


Yeah, it was so cool to see 15 interested people in two events. One of which was a duplicate.

Yeah I tried to get in about 10pm Eastern the Friday of that weekend and no one was in the Zoom.

It’s funny because we, unrelated to that, always have a fairly good group of people on weekends in the regular RB Zoom chat that SHIG keeps regularly (and nearly always has someone in) - but it’s usually Euros + some Americans later on. The numbers generally thin out around midnight CET, which is 6 PM Eastern. I’ve been in the “official” Zoom most of Sunday, till 8 PM eastern, almost nobody even tried to join it seemed.

BTW, feel free to pop up in SHIG’s chat, 5-6 PM is ideal generally, sometimes people stay up to early hours of the morning, especially on Fridays.