What makes RateBeer better than Untappd currently

Please state here which features in RateBeer are better than Untappd. In hope RB will listen.

IMO, the web-based Brewer listings is still the best in RB to find beers quickly in a single page.

Admin verification leave the RB database with far less errors / duplicates / fake places than UT

Full Aroma / Appearance /Taste /Palate / Overall score option is way better than the 5 star system.

No limit for longer reviews




Existence of forums

Converting scores into intuitive percentiles

Stats (especially geographical maps, number of different beers tried from a brewery, user rankings in various categories)

  • Statistics
  • Almost impossible to hit the character limit of on a rating (versus being limited to a Tweets length @ UT)
  • It’s where all my ratings are and I’m too lazy to manually convert them to UT
  • Community + forums (although the community is turning sour and disappearing more and more as time passes. Joet can point to his statistics as much as he wants, more and more of the regulars / locals are posting and contributing less and less)


Places, more accurate and honest evaluations of places.


Forums, despite the deliberately ruined forums we are now left with.


Deliberately thought out and entertaining ratings.


Accuracy of data.

Statistics not that we will have any additional stats by the looks.

  • Stats
  • Ability to add in-depth ratings with scores broken down into specific taste/aroma/etc areas
  • Ability to rate places
  • And I hesitate to say these forums, despite only ever seeing the same names posting each day, but at least they exist. They need more active users.

The thing that annoys me the most is this list could be so much longer, there’s so much potential here.

I think the biggest thing holding RB back at the moment is simply the speed of progress and updates, or lack thereof I should say. Whenever I report (or see someone else report) a bug with UT, be it on their website or their app, it’s usually acknowledged within minutes, and a fix pushed out the same or next day, with a new beta of the app pushed almost every day. On RB, it can take days or even weeks for mere acknowledgement of it, and then we wait months for even the simplest of fixes to take place. The mobile app beta is rarely updated. And in the meantime we’re getting stuff no one asked for.

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The stats are really what keep me here. Would love to see much more in that realm though.


Got an email from Untappd about an hour ago - apparently they are working on bringing enhanced stats to the app and website ‘soon’. This was a response email to an inquiry I had on whether certain stats existed or were being contemplated.

That could cause a mass exodus depending on what is made available…

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Maybe they are reading this site :grinning: The “supporter” stats they have available have been enhanced allot over the last few months from what I have seen.

For me it comes down to where you prefer to drink. I drink 99% at home and RB seems much better suited to that. Maybe I just never got the hang of it but UT just seems to be designed so you can go to a bar and “check in” whatever beers you’re having using your phone. Of course RB also enables that with the WhatYaDrinkn’ thread. I just don’t drink that way. I go out to a restaurant occasionally but even then, it’s with people and I will concentrate on enjoying the company of others rather than reviewing my beer. RB is just more “my style” and I still really enjoy it.


RateBeer is better than UnTappd because all of my ratings are here and I’m too lazy to transfer them over.


Of course there’s also that…

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Stats and local swaps. That’s about it. The other features are getting more and more useless here.

Stats and detail of checkins make RB better. What makes it worse is, like pyro says above, lack of progress and not being able to add photos to check-ins and place ratings


Untappd’s website is really bad in comparison to their app. Lacks a bunch of functionality that the app offers that it would seem easy to add to the website too.


The fact i can see reviews when I look at a fucking beer. Untappd has bullshit and a bunch of dudes says “bro this beer is beer bro”. Also, the default pics on untappd when you google search are hilariously misleading. Also, because there are fewer users less of a chance of duplicates with different descriptions. Also, the IQ of people here is about ten points higher. Also stats.


So… This thread is basically a to-do list for the UT dev team? :stuck_out_tongue:

In my opinion it is the people of RateBeer. How many people from the other sites ever meet? How many of them trade and try to be civil and generous? RateBeer leads the world in both. It is the people of RateBeer that are the best anywhere!

  • community
  • forums
  • beer database quality
  • not being overloaded with styles
  • places reviews/maps
  • events
  • unlimited reviews
  • stats
  • more options for top lists
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