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What makes Untappd better than RateBeer currently


This was cool of Untappd to do:

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The search engine appears to have been tweaked. As crap as the new version was this is a whole league above in terms of crapness. at least half tbe beers I have rated this evening were only findable from a brewery search. Now trying to edit a beer, got a whole host of new drop down options. Great! Except edit beer doesn’t want to edit the feckin beer. Still why am I moaning? It’s just more sawdust as the house of Ratebeer is rebuilt. Right? Jaysus!

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There’s a thread for posting suggested edits and they get done quickly.


By suggested edits I assume you mean appeals to reinstate some sort of previous assumed functionality? Pray tell where is said thread to report problems that would be very obvious if amyone had bothered to do even a perfunctory test?

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And have you kidnapped RTVs cat? If so - bravo. Poor thing was neglected whilst Rich frequents the Brum beershops!

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My cat doesn’t look anything like the villainous one’s feline…


There are a ton of those. I used to report them until I was told “stop reporting those” by various admins. Maybe there’s a house of cards we can’t see that would be demolished by such removals.


That was my report you’re quoting there, not sure why it’s got bitterbill’s name.

I’m not actually aware of what the purpose of that thread is, corrections seems to be working normally for beers. Typically for UK beers I will send corrections as normal. Usually takes a few days sometimes a week or so which is a long time considering how many UK admins we have but oh well, at least they do get handled eventually. I reported that alias there because they can’t be reported the normal way, well, they can, but I’m not sure if it actually works as intended.

Not that many for me but I’ve definitely been noticing this lately that some recently added beers don’t seem to be appearing in search. I’ve also been reporting a lot of duplicate beers too, I assume that’s related as some have identical names and descriptions so it’s weird that someone would add again. And this has been for big brewers like Northern Monk, Track, Cloudwater etc. it’s not like it’s obscure beers people rarely search for.


I just highlight the text, click the “quote” popup, and let the award-winning forum software do its thang!

It was way easier when the world did:
> this


Yeah, I figured as much right after I posted that. I guess the forum software considers post link text as the user’s own instead of the user who actually posted.


Apparently a memo has been sent to the search engineer. Hopefully a fix is coming very soon.


Thanks for the heads up. Was going to do some tests of my own with beers I’ve added this week before submitting a bug report here but sounds like it’s already known.
I’ve got about 5 or so new beers to add which I’ll get round to tomorrow so I’ll search them after adding and see if they appear or not.


@Gary is on untappd and I have 2731 badges


(Irony mood. ON)

This is what makes UT better. You can also rate random alcoholic sh*t and not only beer.

(Irony mood. OFF)

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Hey, even better! On UT you can also rate apple juices!


I just want to rate now all the German Apfelschorle, too


Bacardi Breezer is a cider? Damn. Shit has gotten out of hand on UnTappd.


top one says its me


Those are the American brewed versions. They’re quite a bit different to the ones we have in Europe and I believe the rest of the world.
Alcohol in the American versions comes from fermented malted barley, allegedly because this is taxed at a lower rate than alcohol distilled from other sources, for example Smirnoff’s vodka or in this case Bacardi’s rum. This difference means they are classified as “malt beverages”, which in turn is kind of a “loophole” into allowing them on Untappd in the Malt Liquor style, I think RB defines this differently so they probably aren’t on here. The worldwide versions are not allowed on Untappd or Ratebeer. Same reason why US Smirnoff Ice is rateable but the version in the rest of the world isn’t.

That being said, I have no idea why those Breezers are incorrectly classified as ciders, but that’s besides the point.

The Wikipedia article on alcopops does touch on this US specific stuff. I don’t know too much about it as I avoid all that American cack.

With regards to that Italian apple juice though. No idea, that looks stupid.


The problem is that it doesn’t stop people from checking in the non-US versions. And knowing UnTappd, that is exactly what will happen. Actually, just checked, it’s exactly what is happening. Unless a load of Europeans are buying US-made breezers…

Then again, I suppose it could be worse. Like checking in the completely wrong beer. Seems to happen a lot with non-latin script stuff. Example: some blokes in Europe rating a Belarusian beer (Krynirsa Zhigulevskoye) in the entry for an Armenian beer (Yerevan Brewery Zhigulevskoye):

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