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What makes Untappd better than RateBeer currently

Honestly ratebeer webpage is often so slow (or has annoying moments of slowness) that using it for live ratings is total pain in the ass. In the festival environment it is basically impossible to use. In tastings and festivals I use only untappd (web version) it is really fast and it always works…

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So, while we got a broken, buggy, visually inferior, brewer page with less features and lower usability and visibility of relevant data than before with the most idiotic default sorting ever put on a rating website ever that ignored every single bit of feedback the devs received while it was being tested, Untappd introduced rating to 0.1 increments, making another step towards being en par with the things that are better for now on Ratebeer.


I’m using the .1 increments on Untappd. I’m not sure how spectacularly useful that is but they do have their shit together. Compared to RB at the current moment.


Yeah but that applies only to “supporters”.


I’ll just leave this here


And I’ll leave this here…


No they don’t have forums, and there is no implicit way to organize trades


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Definitely true.

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Ya he personally beer mailed me a few years back when I rated a beer he thought wasn’t on tap in Churchkey in DC.

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Well, according to some of the contributers to UKCBF over on Facebook, the guy at Hill Farmstead is a sexpest because of all the praise he gets on Ratebeer. Obviously they’ve not noticed that the brewery has a slightly higher score on Untappd.


HF don’t like me. :scream:

BTW, I can’t think of any features better than RB but I can think of some RB features, we have, that if UT had them, I may consider using UT?

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On untappd, you can actually add beers.

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Their search works!



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I suspect Marco is caught in the verification trap and has lost his creation rights.

hate there search , if you dont complete any word (other than the last) it wont find anything

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The search is far superior on Untappd, only thing I use that site for is to find beers I’ve already searched on RB with no result. Then some of the time it will be on RB after all, just need words in correct order! No wonder beers get duplicated on here.

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There’s plenty more duplicates on UT, sadly - too many idiot users can’t even be bothered to search, or are too pissed to type straight, or too in love with the idea of “being the first” to tick something. :roll_eyes:


At Ratebeer you always have the honor of being the first to enter and rate a beer, unless it has been around for years, there might be 7-8 rates.


To put some numbers behind this and for all of us to get a bit of a perspective. Out of 50 beers rated at my US trip I had to open 22 of them.

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