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What makes Untappd better than RateBeer currently


Don’t think I’ve seen anyone say that. Legit arguments though, have been made often.


Absolutely. In the end, it’ll come down to preference, which is where discussions like these return to circle around “But look at rating X on site Y, that is ridiculous!”, answered by “It is, but have you seen rating A on site B?”.


True. There are far more flat out ridiculous ones on UT in general, even percentage-wise but RB has a shitton of them too. No avoiding that fact.

And @BeerViking is absolutely correct with “Both RB and UT have teams of moderators who will (usually!) respond to corrections from users.” I can only facepalm where something fucked up data-wise is brought up in random discussions as proof of something and never reported properly before…

Fixed that SpontanSomething typo, abv, description and lack of picture issue. (kept the capital letters as Mikkeller themselves aren’t consistent when it comes to spaces and and they referred to it that way at least once). Not the area of the world I’m have any inclination of touching generally as there are people who are devoted to that, but since it was brought up…


It ia a genralization that is almost always true. Untappd users like everything they drink. Even when the notes say they do not like it, their rating says otherwise. And thst is if there is a rating that actually fescrives the beer in any way. Acknowledgeing these facts is not applying applying our standard to them. Its perfectly find to think every beer os great and i have an untappd account too. But this is ratebeer where the poeer users put in a lot of time and effort thst untappd users dont and these differences are real.


And thus you’ve made my case. 🤷


Many interesting things said on this topic, but in the end we are discussing how fast Rome is burning whilst the Untappd barbarians are at the gates. Ratebeer is dying from incompetent IT changes that nobody wants.

Name three good changes on Ratebeer in the last 2 years? If you say search engine you can fuck off.

I can’t even edit this post without all sorts of format problems that are fairly new. Doubly so if I hold my Android phone in landscape mode.

Untappd is an inferior site for serious beer raters but I feel like I am being driven there by the unending undescribed and unwelcome RB changes.


I thought we had established that is the other way around and Untappd has a superior site and app but not so serious / knowledgeable users.


If Untappd users liked everything they drink wouldn’t all the beers have same avg scores?


They pretty much do.


That’s not true. In fact RB is worse in that department because avg scores tend to lean towards average because of weighted scores and low number of rates.


The fact that this thread exists, goes to show how irrelevant RB is becoming. It’s dying on it’s arse. Be honest, if you had to put a year’s salary on RB existing more than 12 months from now, would you do it? I wouldn’t.


I would, if you mean the domain name.



Just did my 1st full travel by using UT only. In past I’ve used pen and paper and RB to confirm if it’s a tick or not. Well during 9 days I still needed to use RB twice, for confirmation purposes, and in both occasions RB was down. What are the chances?

About using UT on trip? Very comfortable. Had couple of troubles (double entries etc.), but it was surprisingly reliable otherwise. Especially in places which were verified.
Not a fan yet, but kind of…



To me this is just common sense.

Keeping users informed about the functionality of the site and any upcoming maintenance is done almost everywhere. Not here though.


I think RB continues to serve a purpose as an honest and serious critique site. That rep was shaken by the inbev buy, but as long as business continues as usual for a while, people should regain trust in it. Only trouble I see is that so many local beers take forever to get to their real or deserved rating due to weighted averages. Not that I think we should change that for obvious reasons, but it’s an issue.


This was cool of Untappd to do:


The search engine appears to have been tweaked. As crap as the new version was this is a whole league above in terms of crapness. at least half tbe beers I have rated this evening were only findable from a brewery search. Now trying to edit a beer, got a whole host of new drop down options. Great! Except edit beer doesn’t want to edit the feckin beer. Still why am I moaning? It’s just more sawdust as the house of Ratebeer is rebuilt. Right? Jaysus!


There’s a thread for posting suggested edits and they get done quickly.