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What makes Untappd better than RateBeer currently


A forum with 5 million people posting on it would be an absolute nightmare to be fair though.

They do a have a public Discord server which is active. Social (online) events are organised there, main one being a monthly drinking project where a certain style is typical chosen once per month and users will make an effort to checkin and discuss the ones they have, particularly if they are able to find rarer examples.

There are also regional channels as well as a dedicated beer trades channel. So yes, all of what you asked can and is done there, but to a lesser degree than here obviously - it’s no substitute for actual forums of course, it’s different, and for some things it’s worse since the conversation is always flowing around one topic, rather than separate threads for each thing. A dedicated discussion forum like this one is always going to be better than a chat server.

Also as Iznogud pointed out. Private messaging between users is a thing so trades can be organised that way although it’s not generally obvious if people are up for trading, better to go through Discord for that. People can and do use the lists feature in a similar way to how the wants/haves/cellar feature of RB used to be used. You can set all the details of the beers you have there (quantities, purchase date, best before date, canning/bottling date, vintage if applicable, as well as notes and a photo).


I’ve done a few trades from there.


same here, and now I’m checking out BeerHive too. Still young, focused on Belgium, but I love the visual interface for describing beers. What I miss most about the old RB app, which I still have running on my phone, is the lack of seeing my stats and the Nearby function. There’s a lot more to do in my account than rate a beer, which is all the new app does…


With random people or with people you knew before?


Haha…you figured it out.
I knew them from BA.


Interesting piece of data, there is some more in Gregs tweets


Incredibly UT now has a live and working “year in beer”. Not surprisingly it’s something ratebeer used to have a couple of years ago but of course that’s broken now. There really is nothing left here but the ratings itself, the text, the descriptions of us users, that is of any value. Unbelievable that this site, after more than a year, still is deteriorating and spiralling towards selfdestruction.


RateBeer feels pretty abandoned right now. I mean, we haven’t even had a response as to why the add images function was removed and when it will be returned.

I was hoping that they would roll out the new styles as a sort of Christmas/New Year’s gift and surprise everyone, but it looks like nothing of the sort will happen.


I am pretty confident it will eventually appear. If I remember well that page is published around the 5th/6th of January each year.

I am also looking forward to it


We had it for 2017. It’s not completely broken. Here’s yours:


I know, I wanted to check 2018 and only found 2017 and 2016 I believe


As far as I remember the Year in Beer has never been available immediately. Just the nature of this site I suppose.


Yeah perhaps you’re right and I should simply be a bit more patient.


Untappd activity feed is as bad as rb-s (although in different ways), especially if you have friends who check-in rb backlog… At least untappd is improving, although slowly… while ratebeer-s “improvements” most of the time make things worse…


My New Year’s resolution is to move all of my ratings to Untappd


I’m gonna stick with excel


I did recently start an Untapped account, just so I could see the full beer list at my local beer shop.

I then experimented with adding a few ratings to see what all the fuss was about

I hated it.

The Untapped stats are crap compared to Ratebeer (badges for every other beer don’t do it for me; I much prefer colouring in maps, multiple league tables, and more statistical analysis than you can shake a nonic at).

The Ratebeer forums are great. I couldn’t see anything comparable on Untappd.

The accuracy on Untappd is lamentably bad. The number of times I’ve seen a rare US beer listed at a UK Wetherspoons, just because the beer name shared one word with a UK mass-market beer…

The colour scheme on Untappd is 'orrible.

So I’ll be sticking with Ratebeer until the end (unless the owners dumb it down to a UT clone). Although I will continue to back up my ratings on a spreadsheet just in case… and I’ll continue to withhold my RB premium membership until I get some evidence that the site owners are listening to feedback from long-term users, and responding to legitimate queries/concerns/ideas.


Indeed the Vancouver community (almost all on UT) immediately posted their stats.
I wanted to post that of the local community is the top rater of RB for 2018, but the page goes clunk robot…

I’m not sure where it’s not available because I don’t login with other accounts, but I think that it was removed for preventing abuse (voluntarily or involuntarily; people are used to UT, and they may believe that they will just add a blurred picture of their lipstick laced glass, instead they replace the good and only picture of the label).
Some ideas were thrown around, like enabling the link only if a picture is unavailable, or allowing multiple pictures.
Obviously it takes development hours and the resources are finite.
You can add a picture on the Beer Add page, or sending it by email.
Which reminds me, beware that there is no machine reading the mails; as usual, the job is done by any admin who has time to spare, so there is no guarantee on how long it takes.

The dropdown on the right side allows you to pick any past year.

And just to comment about Untappd: I double dipped for a year or so, then I gave up.
Crappy design; sadly the same shit we are moving into here (wide spread info is not good for analysis and decision making, just ok for bored kids that swipe without reading).
And too many idiots throwing 4.5 stars at drain pours.


Just got an email from Untappd about my 2018 in beer where they claim they had 147 millions check-ins during 2018 and

Over 486,000 of those beers were added to Untappd last year alone

Even if you subtract unnecessary vintages and homebrews added on their database, that’s a really huge number. Is RB really that behind? :hushed:


Yeah, for sheer volume, no one can compete with Untapped but should that be a goal? I reckon not.