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What makes Untappd better than RateBeer currently


Ratebeer destroys UT when it comes to cool doge pics.


At which point I tried to post a doge pic, and I’m told it’s not the right size! Fuck this site. It’s a fucking nightmare.


The dog in your picture doesn’t happen to be a shitty mouse-sized Chihuahua or something similar subpar canine? Because these are not allowed here, and rightfully so.


Sorry? Who are you?


Please refrain from posting pictures of dogs that do not have the right size. Anything smaller than a shoebox or larger than a 19th century steamer trunk is not allowed and will give an error message when uploading, sorry.


Brendan says … eat shit !!!


I thought we were banned in China for recognizing Tibet (and probably Taiwan too).


Ou ou upgrade to my previous point: active devs…


I guess an explosion in new users who just check in places and tick beers could explain joet’s assertion. I’ve seen a few of these guys on Japan specific places/beers. I’ve also seen a large drop in people adding new beers as the community here has been gutted with half of people who actively added places/beers no longer doing so.

I definitely spend less time here and am more likely to say forget it, if a beers is not in the database.

These new tick/check in only users are useless to me as they give me very little to go on in terms of what a beer place is like or if a beer is worth trying out.


That’s true. And they have little incentive to actually invest in the site. A classic seeders vs. leechers conundrum. Leechers will always be way way more numerous and their numbers might grow exponentially, but seeders are those without whom things cannot be done. The “1%” that creates 99% of content and curates for 100% of content. Untappd isn’t free of that. Say, in Croatia, most people will leech and rely on a few zealots to add entries. Once, a beer that wasn’t even that rare went for at least a month without its own entry because everybody was waiting for those few guys to add it and they intentionally wouldn’t that time. :rofl:

I’m just not seeing, say, that massive Chinese influx doing anything for the site (bar some previously present people perhaps).


Morris says “eat shit.” I asked him if he thought that was a rude thing to say to a user nobody here knows, but he says he can’t be bothered to come up with anything nicer.


I just want to see more badges (for styles etc).


I’ve got 2,656 badges on Untappd


Thank you.


Problem is, with RB there are still a few whining seeders (including myself) but without any leecher to support that… Been to Vermont last weekend and I had to add new entries for half of what I tasted or bought …and a good part of the other half didn’t have more than 10 ratings. All the entries were on UT with a lot of them over 300 scores…


At least you’re adding them. :wink:


You see I’m a special type, a former seeder who’s now a leecher but who still adds all things he finds and who is even an admin… I guess that makes me a… leeder?




You’re still a seeder then. And that makes ya a great person! :smiley:

Dunno, by leechers I primarily meant the people who basically use the database (to buy, visit etc.), particularly the places section, but never contribute, not even ratings of any kind. Ratings are something and yeah, we definitely lack people like that -> I’m not feeling it as much in Croatia (we have a lot of raters per capita), but it’s still very much felt.

Thing is… It’s dead easy and intuitive to tick UT-style right now, both in the app and on the site. It’s not an issue. Absolutely no reason to stupidify anything. The community & pic-adding part might be. And mostly the fact that we’re arriving 6-7 years too late to a more serious mobile app market.


We have that: awards. Thankfully we don’t get notifications of that. I’m not against a system with more awards / badges or whatever they’re called, as long as there is a way to shut it off so to speak, notifications at least. If it means I have to click one more time it is already super annoying. So if anyone wants to collect awards or badges for every fart, the UT style basically, fine by me but please give me a way to escape from that.