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What makes Untappd better than RateBeer currently


Untappd released a new update which makes it able to chat with friends via direct messaging. Thats a huge step forward and probably is going to expand the gap between RB and UT further :frowning:

They also did the language implementation as RB via the default device language. So I see parts in German now, need to figure out how to change this :confused:


You can turn that off by deselecting “Use device language” in the Localisation part of the General Settings.

@joet @services


Thanks. @services do you see how easy it is to implement such a function?


Been rallying for that exactly. No response. But I’m sure other, way bigger features have priority. You mustn’t forget that this most probably doesn’t affect the programmers and staff. They’d have to actually use the site AND not have their devices in English.


I don’t experience the problems there that I do here. It’s almost like basic functions on RB are deliberately disabled so that we can all bitch aboot it.


UT is fuckin up on friday night


And RB seems to be fucking up on a daily basis. Fixed becomes unfixed becomes fixed becomes unfixed…


Lots of errors on ratebeer tonight, why is this site so bad. Untappd is way more stable.


Cuz nobody of any authority pays attention? Nothing better than not being able to rate a beer on a site called Ratebeer.




Okay, I’m done here. You can reach me on BA and UT, same user name. Good bye.


In other news, average folks enjoy average beer… And indeed, why the feck shouldn’t they? :grinning:

It’s the same the world around. :beers:


UT as well


Can we nuke Untappd threads? They aren’t the answer or the problem.



Can we nuke Untappd threads? They aren’t the answer or the problem.

“I don’t like this thread so the admins should delete it.”

Here’s a plan: click the blue dot and pick “muted.” Good, now you don’t have to see it, and the rest of us can have a discussion we want to have.



|UT|Utah (US postal abbreviation)|
|UT|University of Tennessee|
|UT|University of Texas|
|UT|University of Tampa (Florida)|
|UT|University of Toledo (Ohio)|
|UT|University of Toronto|
|UT|Universal Time (Greenwich Mean Time)|
|UT|Unreal Tournament (game)|
|UT|Urban Terror (Quake III Arena modification)|
|UT|Up Time|
|UT|Union Tribune (San Diego, CA newspaper)|
|UT|(San Diego) Union Tribune (the Copley Newspaper known as the “U-T”)|
|UT|Ultrasonic Testing|
|UT|Use Tax|
|UT|Utility Vehicle|
|UT|Urinary Tract|
|UT|University of Twente (Netherlands)|
|UT|Union Territory (India)|
|UT|Undertaker (pro wrestler)|
|UT|Universiteit Twente|
|UT|University of Tokyo|
|UT|University of Tehran|
|UT|University of Tartu (Estonia)|
|UT|Unit Test|
|UT|United Together|
|UT|Underwriters’ Laboratories|
|UT|Unified Theory|
|UT|Utility Player (baseball)|
|UT|Universal Translator (Internet)|
|UT|User Testing|
|UT|Upper Troposphere|
|UT|Université de Technologie (French: University of Technology)|
|UT|Ultrasonic Transducer|
|UT|| etc?

I don’t see untappd in there!


Utterly Tasteless :grin:


See ya on UT!


UT is obviously not the solution for some of us… Since we are still there arguing the old way in forums :stuck_out_tongue:

But Untappd sure did some things wrong to get to the level it is today, the same goes for RB.

The point of the conversation was to find positive about UT that could lead to positive things for RB…


To restart the debate and annoy some of RB users who are on UT too… Can’t find positive about UT. Just the fact that AB inBev hasn’t already taken any shares… (The AB inBev is the only thing here that what makes me doubt sometimes… but as long as I see so many enthusiasts here, I am relieved.)
So, for an umpteenth time, I went on UT and picked (quite at random) the Mikkeller Spontanquadrupleraspberry page (https://untappd.com/b/mikkeller-spontanquadrupleraspberry/1705352), to comfort me in the idea that UT is of no use to me in the appreciation of a beer. First rating:

MBCC2018. Сказать нечего, просто шедевр!
(MBCC2018. Nothing to say, just a masterpiece!)

It starts strong!
Then, an infinity of notes without comments, pictures of glasses and bottles from all angles.
Then, a comment:



Raspberry nose which continues to dominate the lightly tart body. Pleasant effervescence with slight funk

We would have suspected!

Again, lots of posts drowned in others with badges earned, pics and nothing else (like Snapchat, FB or Twitter).

Then, essential informations for the whole world: the price, the quantity of available bottles in the far end of Denmark (and that’s it):

Xtreme beer. 650,- af flaske. 12 flasker solgt i Jylland. 3 af dem står her på VØS
(Xtreme beer. 650, - of bottle. 12 bottles sold in Jylland. 3 of them are here at VØS)

And so on… You can be sure your post will be diluted in the flow of the other ones…