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What makes Untappd better than RateBeer currently


Stones in glass houses?

You obviously haven’t read some of the reviews on here. Putting 8 words into a review doesn’t make one morally superior to ticking, its ticking w 20 seconds spent writing something after a thimble of beer.

To each their own.


UT has a much bigger database. Is that not a positive? Or do you/would you enjoy adding every new beer that you rate? (Because that’s what it’s like in countries and regions where there’s a booming beer scene but close to zero ratebeer users).

I think that we should not forget that ratebeer has it’s fair share of reviews that aren’t actually reviews. For example, recently I came across a guy here (with a lot of “reviews”) who simply translates the beer description into Spanish instead of commenting on the beer. Good if you’re learning Spanish, but otherwise quite useless.


Try looking for ratings on Polish beers around here, just as bad.


Absolutely. And that’s why I usually don’t go on BA: too few ratings for beers from outside the US.

And I understand the lack of RB users in some countries. You in Russia and I in France are not well served. I’ve seen you’re only two in Russia with more than 1000 reviews (https://www.ratebeer.com/BestInMyArea.asp?CountryID=169). And the top 25 Russian beers have very small counts. The same as in France : https://www.ratebeer.com/BestInMyArea.asp?CountryID=169… (Hopefully, french ciders exist… :sweat_smile:) I live in France and there are only 3 or 4 french beers in my top 250… Having here poor beers won’t help people to appreciate great beer and write quite serious reviews… (@MarcoDL : More polish users than Russian or French… And you’re lucky to live in Netherlands… :yum:)


Love me some Stone beer! I know there are crap ratings on RB but when I search UT for a legitimate rate they are few and far between IF you can find one at all! Not to mention the ridiculous scores for lousy beer. Yes, to each his own.


Anyway the whole subject was to find UT features and design that RB could use for enhancements, not to debate that reviews and scores are better or worst between the 2…this part is up to users…


This whole thread has drifted far from any other purpose than bashing UT users to feel superior.


Should be nuked


Hrumph, I decided to stick around this joint.


Stable platforms on the website and app. Every once in a while, they shut down for maintenance, which I reckon is a proper way to implement improvements.


Should be nuked as well.


Why do people constantly conclude that when someone has criticism on UT they say that to “feel superior”? Very annoying if I may say so.


Bigger database is a good thing, yes. But I rather have a smaller database that is correct than a huge database full of errors and duplicates and what not.

What should RB implement from the things we see on UT? Or at least, what might be good for RB to implement?

  • Awards, but in a decent way so not all those bullshit things and not 2 awards for every beer rated. And most importantly: a way to shut it off cause I absolutely don’t want to be bothered by em
  • Seperate count for ratings and ticks. Those who want to tick can see their totals. Those who rate and tick can see both totals.
  • As apparently people like to “like / approve” things, give them a heart or thumbs up they can click on under everybody’s rating. Make sure it doesn’t take up anymore space then is already lost and make sure I can switch off notifications about those likes cause I don’t care

That would be it, imho. Details will have to be discussed of course.


Because @julesxxl has a history of posts explaining why RB users are superior to UT users.

Oh and UT implemented messaging between users. If they develop it more user interaction in combo with lists (can’t believe RB failed to introduce proper lists) has huge potential.


This is true. But if you use the bigger database of Untappd in a good manner, thats a huge difference between Untappd and Ratebeer. For example, when I´m travelling to London with the bigger database in Untappd I can easily know what´s on tap in a lot of venues because are people ticking in real time.


I’ve never exactly said that. There are two different points of view and way to explore. The goal is for everyone to be happy. I’m still not on FB (I’ve never understood the interest - at 40 - (and it’s my own problem)) but I don’t feel “superior” to FB users (and I would be in huge loneliness if so). If you read the purpose of my request here : REQUEST Finding users by affinity, you’ll probably understand what I mean. I think RB could (could, because it’s too slowly improving) implement that, but not UT, in order to go further in the exploration of beers. A fan of Balzac isn’t necessarily superior to a fan of Rowling. There are two different points of view and way to explore (bis). But who is interested in Balzac? Probably not Rowling fans (for the majority). (Fetched example…)


Yep, maybe never said it in those words, but implied. Yeah, I agree RB still could go deeper in exploration of beers, I’ve even suggested set of implementations which would be a step in right direction. However things are moving very very slowly here and in tiny steps.


I don’t need to “feel superior”, for pity’s sake. I already know I’m superior!


What do you mean with this? I don’t understand what you mean here.


Oh yeah, I forgot that one in my list. That’s a useful feature, taplists of bars.