What, no thread about Trillium?

That whole Trillium thing with them allegedly underpaying their (mostly former) employees thing is running rabid across the beer-related interwebz, and yet nothing here.

What’s your take on the situation?

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hadn’t seen it yet.

Well, I am not surprised.

People in the local community talked a lot about this.
I haven’t read the million posts on social media that are as valuable as argentinian currency in the 2000’s.

But my take is that nobody is forcing them to accept the job.
Some companies are generous and share profits others are not; and indeed they are not expected to operate as a charity.
People (and by that I mean Americans) should focus on the tipping practices and minimum wage regulations instead. Focus on the root problem and don’t waste time on the classic social media mob against this or that company.


In America that requires politicians to act - and that is quite problematic these days. One way or another virtual torches and pitchforks are likely to be more useful.

It sounds like we need to have a look at their tequila beers too, they might be unrateable if too much tequila was added.

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They are hardly the first brewery to simply add hard liquor & plenty of breweries BA as well with lots of spirit left in the barrel. I am inclined to believe that this practice is far from rare. Whilst these beers should be unrateable on RB, omitting them will create gaps in the database that will have people complaining. This is an administrative discussion that goes beyond the topic of this thread.

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Oh I am well aware, I think we should keep our eyes peeled for the cases where more than half the alcohol comes from the booze though.
The rest should at least get a tag, maybe “Booze Bottle Aged” ? :wink:

$5 an hour, that cant be true surely? :frowning:

Yeah there is a limit. Extra boost versions? :slight_smile:

apparently that is not unusual. The federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour (respectively MA’s $11) does not hold for jobs which can receive tips, for which the minimum wage is $2.13 (or $3.75 in MA) an hour.

From a European perspective it is always very depressing to read about the wages in the US service, retail and hospitality industries. I mean don’t think people earn enough here either, but at least they pull enough to be able to be snooty and don’t have to rely on tips from assholes.


My take, is it just shows how rb is a near graveyard

Oh and giving your staff a pay cut is well shitty

By comparison, it’s good to see breweries such as Five Points Brewing and Brewdog paying the recognised Living Wage, which in London is £10.55 an hour - £2.72 an hour more than the minimum wage of £7.83. Clearly, not all companies can afford that. But it’s good to see those that can.

The other topic of BA cheating… definitely there seems a lack of transparency when it comes to brewing and adjunct processes. It would be good if this was a legal requirement to state either on the can or website.

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A “new thing” coming along lately: Brewpub automatically adds a percentage to the bill (not optional) specifically to augment staff wages. Lots of things might be imagined about that, but assuming good, honest intentions it’s a step in the right direction.

See i dont get this if its not optional. Why is it not just part of the cost

May as well advertive a Meal for a Penny
Then when the Bill arrives it
$10 for ingreadients
$2.19 dollar for the cook
$2.24 for electricity
$1.34 for the dish washing
$0.34 for the Manager
$0.88 for the owner


Or the advertised price not including tax. Why? Just include the tax so i can get the correct money ready, and round it up so i dont have a pocket full of cents and dimes.


I’m actually surviving (very much barely) off of $3 an hour right now where I’m at (after taxes). Without tips and much in ways of a bonus… sooo. Very much possible. And Croatia’s more expensive than every other country surrounding it for most things. Have to do other jobs to pull through, if they are available, not the greatest of feelings.

We are raising the hourly rate our retail employees are paid to between $15 and $18 an hour, based on tenure and knowledge of our craft. Those who currently work for us will move to a minimum of between $16.00 and $17.50 per hour, based on tenure.