What’s happening now?!

Can’t add a beer. Can’t rate a beer. Can’t view a brewery page. Holy shit, this is getting insufferable.

Nothing works at all at the moment. Can’t even view my own profile.


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I can’t even delete a thread I started in the wrong place!

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I’m having a nice glass of Aussie red … bollocks to beer!


It’s so insufferable I’ve turned to hard liquor. Currently drinking a gin.


We’re back online again. The team is currently investigating the cause…

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Yes that annoyed me as well yesterday had to save everything on my notepad on phone. However all working ok again now.

… And it’s happening again… :angry::angry:

Still not working for me either

Good, and for how long this time? @services
Not able to add beers anymore… Oops there was a network error…

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Britney Spares had a song “ops I did it again” maybe Raebeer has hired the songwriter as developer?

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Im very drunk that’s what happening now

Good going, snap, first beer at 10.00am today

Can we get an estimate from @services when we can complete the adjustment of beer styles and have a stable basis of beer styles in RB again?

Started as I notice with 109 styles, then 119, then 127 and now 116.

How hard can it be to park this adjustment on styles. The discusion on new styles has been going on for long time now and it shoud have been time to plan the change well and get done with it.
The way this is going now I believe the y got drunk when carrying out the adjustments.

One thing for sure there have been absolutely no plan for it.

RateBeer’s not working again, that’s what’s happening now.

:frowning: bad robot.

is ratebeer trying to keep me sober? It is not working btw…

At least it’s not just me. Can’t rate beers at the moment. Oh well back to pen and paper. RB taking you back to the pre-internet days.


Also rating using pen & paper here, and I don’t even know what I’m drinking - the sample names are on a message in beer-mail which won’t load.

Now everything is down exept forum.

Or maybe it is just FAKE NEWS.

@discobot can you tell @services to fix it ASAP