What should I get at Old Bust Head?

Weather willing, I will be at Old Bust Head this Saturday, after the Great Pumpkin Ride. I have already had their Wildcat IPA, English Pale Ale, and Vixen Irish Red. Since I will be hanging with cyclists, not beer geeks, and will mostly want to chat, not spend a lot of time rating, I will likely get a pint (and maybe a second pint) of one beer, not a flight. But I would still like to get a beer I haven’t tried yet. Your recommendations?

I’m still getting used to the new forums, so I missed this.

Old Bust Head Gold Cup Russian Imperial Stout and its variants are great, but probably inappropriate for what you were looking for that day. If you still wanted something dark, a much lighter option would be the Mocha Macchiato Stout - much more “sessionable.”

The Oktoberfest, which you got, would probably have been the choice I’d have recommended since it’s a seasonal beer that was decent when I was last there.

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