What to follow about DC area beer on twitter?

Finally broke down and signed up for Twitter. Right now my twitter feed is all politics and bicycles. I assume that there are beer related Twitter accounts worth following?

Hmmm aslin? They tell you what’s on tap etc. Though i think their IG is better for that. Maybe you should have skipped a step and gone for IG. Otherwise just bars to see whats on tap. CK, meridian pint etc

Twitter is pretty garbage. I’m on there only because I’ve been on there for nearly a decade.

“DCBeerAlert” might be worth a look.

Spacebar’s twitter feed will alert people when they’ve posted a new draft list, though the link generally takes users directly to their Facebook posting. Of course, because Facebook’s algorithms are fucked up beyond belief, I only ever see they’ve posted the list once in a blue moon so Twitter may only be more reliable in this single regard until that dumpster fire of a platform loses more money than they already have.

A good part of the cycling community communicates on twitter. And there are some political pundits I follow. Thought it might be useful for beer news. I just started following dcbeer.