What we want in an activity feed

The activity feed is being rebuilt and I got to a point where I could use your input! Please consider the below, and let me know if you’d like anything else added to the poll. Your creative ideas are very welcome.

Choose up to 5 of your favorite. Asterisked options refer to new features that are yet to be deployed or are partially deployed.

  • Prompt to friend a most-upvoted reviewer of a particular style
  • Friend Place Ratings
  • New beer nearby rated very highly (using standard deviation and experienced user’s median rating to eliminate hype machines)
  • Friend Place rating milestones
  • Nearby Places that I haven’t followed *
  • Friend Beer Rating Milestones
  • Nearby breweries I haven’t followed
  • Breweries highly rated by me that I haven’t followed
  • Styles I may want to Favorite *
  • Beers newly available nearby in favorite styles *
  • Beers newly available nearby by favorite brewers
  • Friend Beer Ratings
  • Newly added Beers by favorite brewers
  • Favorite nearby places updated their availabilities (at least 5)
  • Prompt to follow top favorited breweries among friends
  • Highly rated beer in favorite style this month

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How about all of that with the options for users to select or not some of those choices?
Some of these choice port well on Mobile but suck on desktop because it’s static (all Nearby options) so if you could modify them depending on what platform you are accessing RB, it would be better.


Probably. But I need to make this dumb simple and sit in the background so that users don’t have to deal with complex pages and invisible calculations.

Anything more? I know I’m missing cool stuff to put into feed.

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Almost all of that sounds cool. More interactive would be cool in general. Maybe a photo option? Or comments on forums from friends?

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All good intentions there again. But right now, should people be working on other priorities, for instance resolve bugs on the Add Beer Page and Search Page, Bringing back important missing stuff on the Beer search results and Beer pages, and bringing the Brewers page and Places pages in line with the rest of new layout (since Beer/Brewery/Places are still the main things of the site)? My Local and New Releases (well not now, bugged) still work pretty good as Latest Activity


With only 5 options we get to choose just one extra option from todays activity feed

Wanted to vote

Friend Place/Beer Ratings/Milestones
Favorite nearby places update their availabilities
Highly rated beer in favorite style this month
Newly added Beers by favorite brewers

Would vote for New beer nearby rated very highly if there weren’t the hype elimination thing. Hype is good.

We have different developers working on different projects, and we’ve been rolling out steady changes to the beer page and dozens of fixes and upgrades around the site are pushed monthly. I am working on this project and thought I’d ask. I get your idea for prioritization but we have different focuses as individual team members and as a group, and we’ll sometimes work on projects that a regular user might not understand, but planners do.

I’m trying to make this a much better page than it is because a lot will depend on it in the future. I always like to get input from a variety of actual users in order to make the best improvements, so heck, this is what I was doing. I didn’t expect to be shot at by friends!

I do thank everyone for their input on the poll. This is great info to work with!


Tell me more about the photo option?

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Not sure exactly what I mean, but if you could take photos of whatever you are rating, and perhaps they would show up in the activity feed, possibly in your rating itself, that would be super cool. Then if people could comment on the photos, (that would be activity feed only), that would also be cool. Would certainly add a cool social aspect.

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Plus if you could add a photo to your rating, more serious raters than myself might add what kind of food pairing, or a shot of glassware, or in the case of malt liquor, how crinkled up your paper bag is (this highly affects appreciation of that style IMHO). It would give us all something to argue about more in forums and such. (I could see constructive conversations going like "You fool - you aren’t supposed to poor Heady topper out of the can for example). This is the kind of stuff we value, after all.


Maybe all of these features could be added into the old “what are you drinking” feature, which is the only thing people every used to comment on in my feed. If you could take a photo there and add it in, or maybe even link it to a forum topic. Not sure if all this makes sense, and would perhaps need some more brainstorming (I’m tick whoring before lunch right now in Toronto).

I like all of this and the ratebeer team has actually thought about the same thing. I’m not sure where it is in the priority list offhand but I was surprised at how much enthusiasm there was for it. I do think it’s a nice feature, especially if you could tag friends, breweries, beers and places

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For me, personal pic with the rating isn’t my cup of tea. This is what drives me crazy on UT, seeing so much “Look a beer in a glass” huge pics with a small place for the text… You’re idea of an Improved What are you Drinking feature seems way better :stuck_out_tongue:


I see photos of tasting parties where we can tag multiple people and multiple brewers/beers as more important than a dim pint glass full of a vague liquid. I agree, the product label shots are useful but pint glass pics are not.

A subsection (expandable, not in your face) for those kind of pics in a Place page could be fun though…

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Ya I think the more ways you can add social interaction, but also connect with the all the meat and bones of RB like the ratings or stats, the better. Tagging places, or beers, or individual ratings would be cool. I suggested a while ago that we could improve the forum here even more by creating a function that allowed us to do the @ symbol then a beer name like Heady Topper and the link would come up, or some other way to tag a beer in a forum posting. That would be cool.

I’d like to be able to tag Ei8ht ball your mom every time i’m talking to @DCLawyer online for example

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There is an issue with the activity feed if a friend rates only 1 or 2 beers in a day. Solving this … could be an option for the poll :thinking:

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A lot of people -I think- would be interested in this. I would however, as I’ve said before, opt for a “switch off-button / option”. If I look at UT, I absolutely couldn’t care less about all the dumb ass pictures on there, so while apparently a lot of people like that aspect, please ensure I can switch it off. Thanks.

Just responded, but yeah, basically this.

Ya im not sure how much i would use it but myself but this would all add to thr site. Like i like giving people flack for drinking shitty beer on UT. Would be cool to do this and it showed up in their activity feed. As in x rater gave miller lite a 3.5 and i could thumbs down it. Or recommend he buys a pickup with a chopped muffler