What Wiki

Maybe I accidentally skipped it and the search function is not working properly, but where is this wiki, I’m allowed to edit as a regular user?

indeed what wiki?

Regular users can turn their own threads into editable wikis if they wish. Click the 3 dots icon beneath your first post, click on the wrench icon to bring up the Admin Actions menu, then you can click Make Wiki.

I can’t really think of many examples off the top of my head where we might want to do this… maybe one example would be if someone were to write a post about different styles of beer, they could make that a wiki for others to edit so they could post links to good/typical/famous example beers of each style.

Or maybe the admins could do one with a FAQs type thing for Ratebeer.

Or maybe I could do one to explain the functions and workings of this new forum software.

I guess there are plenty of examples we can use wiki posts for.


Test Wiki



This is a test for a Wiki

How To


Do I really need to write that page in HTML?
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Can every “Regular” edit this post? Also, can anyone fix the links of the Content? I don’t know how

Yeah all regulars can edit. Not sure if you need to write in HTML, looks like you can mix forum code and HTML actually which is good. I tried to fix the links but the looked good already so not sure why they’re not working.

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