What would you do to get a bottle of your most wanted white whale?

  • Drink an entire keg of my least favourite beer
  • Pay a bunch of money on ebay even if I really do end up with just the empty bottle
  • Wait in a lineup for like 16 hours
  • Pay some hooker to wait in line like 16 hours
  • Nothing. I’m over whale hunting bro. Vegan 4 life!
  • Find out where it lives and harpoon the SOB
  • Deez tradez
  • Create your own local brewery with mad hype, build up a database worth of solid votes, treat people who show up to buy your beer like they aren’t worthy then the whales will come to you
  • Nothing bros - I can buy Miller Lite at my local gas station
  • Sell RB to Inbev, oh wait

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Feel free to add any options I may have missed in comments below

Find someone who can only gain other people’s admiration through the bottles they bring to a tasting.


nothing bros - I can buy Schlenkerla and Aventinus at my local supermarket.

(not too uncommon in the US either)


Fuck whales. Shit got outta hand years ago. Trading turned into a fuckin joke. Idiots holding everything hostage and shit. Not to mention I’m broke anymore. Fuck whales.


Too much time and investment these days to do trading. Even in-person trades with some friends (close and distant) is a bit of a hassle… I’ll do it every once in a while, but I’d rather just open a few beers with friends. However, now that I think about it, I haven’t really done an official “trade” with anyone in probably 5-6 years.

I’ve never been able to completely get on board with the people who trade beers so they can turn around and trade those other beers for something else.

Purely anecdotal, the people who have “burned themselves out” on craft beer as a whole were often the people I know who traded the most. Way more time and money invested, and since they were often treating beer as currency instead of a consumable, I’m sure it became less fun for them far faster.


Pretty much this

This right here. Why stand in line when no on is grabbing the Hacker Pschorr 12-pack that costs half as much? 12 beers>1.

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Yup, this indeed. Although I’ve never been much of a whale hunter tbh. I’ve always rather traded 6 for (for instance) 6 local beers than 6 for 1 whale that might turn out to be meh or nah anyway.

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Considering that whalez are mostly imperial stouts, which I am ambivalent to, or lambics, which I like but do not really crave, I seldom seek them out. Of course, these days there are the hazebro whalez from Treehouse, but I really do not think that Treehouse is much better than Hazebrewers walking distance from my house. Trades are fun to get new ticks or just to connect with people, but I don’t care to do them to get some barrel aged nonsense or some haze that tastes like every other hip and trendy IPA.


Offer them a Klondike Bar and see if they bite.

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Were they also the people who weren’t really that much into beer historically anyway, they were more just recently-created addicts of the “scene”?

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A mix of both really, though most of them were post-2012 arrivals to the "scene’.

I should mention that the people who did/do in-person trades more often seemed to like it more and haven’t burnt out the same way. I think mostly due to the social aspect of it all. Showing or being shown around a new area and swapping bottles/cans in person I think gave it an additional dynamic that cardboard boxes just doesn’t quite do. Again, strictly anecdotal on my part.

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In person trades are much better. I trade stuff every now and then by post but not that seriously.

I gave up trading several years ago but got lucky and was able to get a bottle of Pappy Van Winkles bourbon during the Bevmo rare bourbon sale recently after not having been drawn in their previous lottery several times. So patience is what I have done.

Patience is the key. Some of the beers that were white whales when I started rating like Canadian Breakfast Stout are now a little easier to find.

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