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What ya drinkin’ part XX


Revision The Bruff

“We found an old mechanical hop picking machine in the fields of England, in the shadow of Stonehenge. With a lot of work, a modicum of sweat and a little monkey grease, the newly refurbished machine has been repurposed to deliver hop flavor to your mouth as efficiently as possible.” ???


Coupla goofy Untitled Art IPAs



If memory serves, most of my Saint Somewheres had a tendency to foam out of the bottle.


Crooked Can Axum Coffee Chocolate stout






Didn’t foam out of the bottle but erupted as soon as it hit the glass. Took almost ten minutes to pour the entire bottle.





3 brews from Sanford Brewing and a mead out of Ormond Beach


Flight at Sanford Brewing
Peppermint Paddy porter
Going Bananas wit
Celery City pale ale
Blue Bearry IPA



In The World a apple brandy aged Imp Stout at Red Cypress


Red Cypress Chocolate Covered Strawberry Death Roll


Tuffy’s hibiscus black cherry farmhouse cider


Red Cypress Around Us - imperial stout aged in maple syrup barrels


Roadhouse Coffee Brown.