What's Good and Available Nowadays?

I think, like most, I don’t drink too much out-of-market beer nowadays with the explosion of locally made beers. So much of new beers are derivative, one-dimensional, fad styles and its hard to keep shelling out cash for disappointing beer. The “hot” breweries one hears about tend to be the most disappointing. My question:

What is something you like, that isn’t a line-up-around-the-block-to-buy-an-overpriced-4-pack type of brewery, that is expanding its distribution (meaning not just in a one state) that I should keep an eye out for when I travel. Does that even exist?

People do this?

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Are you really surprised? :thinking:


I live really close to OH and I love walking in the next day and drinking all the beers people were waiting for in cans on tap with no line!! Oh and also all OH beers taste pretty similar… good but similar.


To translate he means Other Half Brewery not Ohio


Thank you

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We have Old Nation M-43 that’s become an everyday offering, but I’m not sure it’s distributed outside of Michigan. And it’s a NE-IPA.

Absolutely. These people are batshit crazy.

I dont understand either. There is literally so much incredible beer of every conceivable style readily available, i find it hard to believe a brewery’s over-priced, limited edition bourbon BA Stout is really that much better many other Bourbon BA stouts on the shelves.

Unless of course its for the tick or Insta kudos.


Or they can trade/raffle it away for an even bigger value and the investment of standing in line is worth it.

Agreed. The author spent 3 hours and 130$ on 16 beers plus travel fares. I can hardly imagine that someone in their right minds would do this for any purpose, other than to snap a few pics and post 'em on Instagram. I mean, I’m sure the beers are good, but still…

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The only lines I stood in were for the GABFs I went to.

So far only one rec. and Other Half all do taste the same.

This is the piece that makes your search non-existent. Here in San Diego there are plenty of breweries that make really great every day beer, and not just 10 hazy IPAs. They do quite well, but don’t really distribute outside the county, as far as I can tell.

A few under-the-radar places here in San Diego that do a wide variety of styles very well are:

  • Societe Brewing (everything from good IPAs to lagers)
  • Eppig Brewing (great lagers, their hoppy stuff is pretty average though)
  • Home Brewing (good range of styles, no duds)
  • North Park Beer Company (again, good range of styles, no duds)
  • Pure Project (big IPA hype, but they do a lot of other stuff well too)

Yeah, distribution is tough. Yesterday I went to a tasting of Fulton Brewing out on Minneapolis, which is apparently in 8 states and I’d never heard of them. Unfortunately, the beers I tried were nothing to write home about.

It seems like there is an inverse correlation between quality and distribution.

For some reason the Orlando, FL area stores I frequent seem to have a ton of Clown Shoes (Massachusetts).

I’ve had a few in the past few years. Is it something you generally like nowadays?

If your asking me, per Clown Shoes, than they are middle of road some quite good, don’t get super excited but my options aren’t all that great either so i’ll pick em up. I’m just jaded since i lived in NYC for past decade prior to moving where pretty much endless exciting (at least to me) beer options.