What's in This Year's Sam Adams Summer Mix Pack?

I’m probably jumping the gun here a little bit with this thread, but I first saw the Sammy spring mix pack on the liquor store shelves on December 20th. So, with March beginning in just two days, it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility that there may be a summer mix pack that has been announced, is sitting on the shelves at some distributors, or is even sitting on the shelves in some liquor and grocery stores in certain parts of the country. Certainly, they’ve decided what’s going to be in it.

So, anyone know which beers are in this year’s summer mix pack lineup? I did a web search or two and came up empty, but I know we have folks here who work at distributors or just visit places where beer is on sale frequently as part of their hobby and see things. :slight_smile:

I realize that some folks find Sam Adams to be kind of slumming it, but there are those of us who can actually only afford a little bit of beer like that as the high end of our price range. I’m at the point where I mostly am buying “college beers” (Despite being much older than that)- cheap sub-premium adjunct lagers. However, I try to find a way to get a few craft libations from time to time. These mix packs are always fun because they typically provide 6 different styles in a 12 pack, change over 4 times a year, are easy to find, and tend to get included periodically in sales.

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Oh, I got fooled. Should have known who started this thread.

I heard they got a label approved for a 12 ounce bottle of their raspberry-lemon gose, previously available last year as a bomber or something. I’ve never had it, but a great sour tart gose with those flavors widely available in the summer mix pack would be a plus. That’s the kind of fruit beer I can appreciate! No shandies!

Fingers (Claws?) crossed

And the lineup is:

Sam Adams Boston Lager
Sam Adams Summer Ale
Sam Adams Raspberry Lemon Gose
Sam Adams Golden Ale
Sam Adams Hefeweizen
Sam Adams Pale Ale