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What's Up with Bottles That Normally Have Logoed Caps Sometimes Having Generic Caps?

So, lately I’ve been experiencing something I don’t really remember happening in the past.

Right now, for example, I am drinking a Sam Adams Porch Rocker. Normally, it’d have a Sam Adams logoed bottle cap. The ones in my last mix pack did. This one has a dark blue cap with no words, logos, or pictures whatsoever.

Similarly, I got a six pack of National Bohemian Beer a while back with generic white caps- no words, logos, or pictures- where normally they would have a logo.

I think I might have seen something like this in a cooler somewhere in the past and, if I am remembering correctly, I just steered clear of that six pack and bought something else. However, during the pandemic, I have been doing curbside pickup, placing my orders via phone before I arrive. So, I can’t “scout” what I’m buying. In any event, this thing came up of a 12 pack box, so I wouldn’t have been able to see the cap even had I been shopping in the before times and not having a masked guy dump the beer in my trunk. :wink: It occurs to me that the second part of that sentence would have also had an entirely different meaning in the before times. :wink:

Anyhow, I assume that this is something that’s happened to other folks. What’s going on here? I get when I see, say, a white unbranded six pack carrier that the distributor or the store probably broke open some 12 or 24 packs to make six packs, or had some individual bottles break and repackaged the whole ones in blank cardboard to make complete six packs.

However, these are blank bottle caps. I’m having trouble seeing how that works, especially with the bottles (Sam Adams bottles literally have Sam Adams signatures that are part of the glass itself) and bottle labels looking legit.

Does anyone know what the deal is?

I don’t really know much about this store. I started buying from them in the pandemic because they were the only store I could find within a semi-reasonable driving distance that offered curbside or really any concession to the pandemic at all. I have no history with them that goes back before spring 2020, and have never actually set foot inside the building.

The beers don’t really taste off, but we’re talking something that admits it’s half-lemonade, and then something else that’s an old regional pseudo-macro that’s contract brewed (Owned by Pabst). I would wonder if a brewery ran out of logoed bottle caps, but last I heard Natty Boh was brewed in a Miller plant in NC, and Sam Adams now owns all it’s own breweries, so it’s almost would have to be being down either at the distributor or the store level.

If the caps and/or the metal have been coming from China or nearby, there may be a freight timing issue - lots of things are taking longer to get to the USA - or get unloaded when they arrive

Because somebody screwed up. Does the beer taste the same?

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