Whats your easiest missing country

Easiest missing countries:

162 Bosnia and Herzegovina
160 Costa Rica
159 Cyprus

Most difficult ones I have:

49 Central African Republic
62 Botswana
67 Lesotho

Most difficult I have:

47: Guam
49: Bermuda
55: Kyrgyzstan

Easiest Missing:

147: Nigeria (to be rectified soon)
149: Bahamas
167: Luxembourg

Easiest missing countries:
140 Malaysia
113 Myanmar
106 Kazakhstan

Most difficult ones I have:

18 Tristan da Cunha
22 Northern Marianas
22 Sao Tome & Principe

The most difficult one I have that I also visited:

47 Turkish Republic of Cyprus


Easiest missing countries:
160 El Salvador
153 Taiwan
149 Bahamas

Most difficult ones I have:
55 Kyrgyzstan
64 Uzbekistan
65 New Caledonia

…hmmmm, seems like nothing has happened to the easiest missing ones the last five years (except the rank here):


Easiest missing countries:
189 - Ukraine
175 - Israel
172 - Chile

Most difficult ones I have, all from visits:
49 - Bermuda
54 - Cook Islands
58 - Eswatini


Nearly 5 years later, a little movement.

193 - Hungary
157 - Cuba
155 - Namibia
154 - Hong Kong

Snagged Indonesia in May 2019 with Biltang Pilsner

54 - Cook Islands
58 - eSwatini
68 - Dominica
82 - Saudi Arabia

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172 Chile - still no clue how I don’t have this yet
160 Costa Rica
153 Taiwan

Norn Iron I got courtesy of @SHIG , Morocco courtesy of a Croatian beergeek friend who worked there and brought some to share w/us.

27 Guinea - 2 different beers that a world-traveling Croatian beergeek friend got to Croatia
30 Bangladesh - a mariner friend brought it to heavy and me
34 Chad - Chari that Per brought to the RBESG Grand Tasting in 2008


5 yrs later and no movement :frowning_face:

Latvia (186)
Indonesia (163)
Bosnia & Herzegovina (162)

Hardest rated
Transdniestra 70 (trade solidfunk)
San Marino 89 (visited)
Monaco 90 (visited)

Up to 95 countries very slow March to 100


Hardest countries I’ve got:

Artskah (8) — the only beer in the country from a visit in 2019.

Abkhazia (32) — from an Abkhazian restaurant.

Turkmenistan (37) — provided by a ratebeerian who got it from a guy who works in the country.

Easiest missing:

Guatemala (163)
El Salvador (160)
Bahamas (149)

No progress here. Last time I ticked off an “easy” country was Costa Rica (joint 160 with El Salvador) in 2019.

2022 update:

Easiest Missing:
153 Taiwan
140 Malaysia
136 North Macedonia

Hardest Ticked:
14 Saint Pierre and Miquelon
17 East Timor
18 Tristan da Cunha

Most of my country rates can be contributed to @grumbo, @danlo, and @minutemat over the past few years I was in UK.


Still Canada for me - and apart from visiting a ‘Canadian’ pub in London (where none fo the avialable beers were Canadian as far as I could see), I’ve made no efforts to sort that situation out. After Canada it’s Brazil then Finland then Switzerland. I really should put more effort in, rather than just rating UK beers pretty much all the time!

Mine remains Dominican Republic 5 yrs later

My hardest back in 2015 was Mincronesia that was about 3rd before i got 2 bottles and shared them and it jumped to 8-10th but i see is not at 18th with 22 ratings

in 15th with 19 ratings

So shout out to Taster Grumbo … via of Nisse666


It makes out west via that distributor also, as I’ve picked some up in Idaho.

I am now on 160 countries:

Most Difficult to rate has changed.
São Tomé and Príncipe
Sierra Leone

Easiest unrated are still the same three:
I do try and find new countries, but have stopped having ‘samples’.



Can’t remember if I answered this, but mine are
French Polynesia 149
Georgia 143
Egypt 138

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