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Whats your easiest missing country

Club Colombia is orderable by the case in Sweden. If you want to spend 100 Euro…

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Embarrassingly, my easiest missing country is Canada - but I am still a junior rater (despite being on here for years) so that’s my excuse (and to be honest, I don’t see too many Canadian beers).

You talking to me, if so we can definitely work something out and I’m sure I can make it worth your wild.

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Collective Arts seem to be the only Canadian brewery with decent distribution in the UK.

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Got a bottle in stock Shawn, I’ll save it for our next share.

My easiest is Zambia. About which the most recent news headline is “Zambian Breweries dragged to court over fungi in Mosi Lager”…Still want it though!


I got my one and only Colombia tick from the National Brewery Centre shop in Burton, of all places. They had a ‘beers of the world’ sale and I was able to pick up some Malta, Myanmar and Hong Kong as well.

Unchanged for the past 2 years for me. Israel, Lebanon and Dominican Republic. To be honest I’m not desperate for country ticks any more so it’s not something I’ve chased.
That said, Israel seems to have some interesting beers based on what I’ve seen from users on here who have posted in the Euro Swap threads of the years.

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True Rater!

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Romania for me, but have 5 beers from there at home, so shouldn’t stay that way for too long.

Germany, France.& Italy.


Chile! Can you believe that? Based in US and no Chilean beer?

There used to be one Chilean brewery you could get (see my only tick), but alas no more.

Stats have changed:

Most difficult rated:
#11 Tristan da Cunha
#12 British Virgin Island
#15 Tajikistan

Easiest unrated:
#61 Zambia
#55 eSwatini
#54 Cook Islands

Countries rated: 194

// Ciao

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#197 Switzerland
#198 Wales
#201 Russia

Countries Rated: 29

I think I will have to start rating Lager to get more countries.

If the beer countries I am missing were “easy” to get in Norway, I would have had them already. But I have twice stayed a couple kilometers from the border of the Turkish Republic of Cyprus, but never crossed the border, as I don’t recognize the Turkish occupation zone (which this “country” actually is). So no beers from there.


Wales and Russia should be very doable without a single lager. And Switzerland likely to, albeit with some more effort. Though I see there’s no Tiny Rebel at Systemet anymore.

There’s been quite a few Russian beers released at Systembolaget recently and Polly’s have Swedish distro. Should be quite easy to tick both locally tbh.

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