What's your favorite Tired Hands beer name?

  • Daydreaming Of Indiscriminate Human Extinction
  • The Light That Spills Out Of The Hole In Your Head
  • We Are All Infinite Energy Vibrating At The Same Frequency
  • The Emptiness Is Only When The Mind Is Very Quiet
  • The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds
  • Where Did We Come From? Am I A Bug?
  • Continuum Of The Infinite Unconscious
  • The Sun Will Force Us All Underground
  • We’re Done With Monkish
  • They’re all amazing and I want some of that stuff these guys are smoking
  • They’re all stupid and so is this poll

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Not realated but I always liked Evil Twins’ “I Always Felt Closer to IPAs Than I Did to People”.


And Lynnwood near me has “Dees Coconuts”.

I’ve always loved Other Half’s “Harvester of Simcoe”, it even lists “Justice” as an ingredient xD. They also made one called “Vulgar Display of Flower”.