What's your highest rated style in the last month?

Click on your styles and then select Time for 1 month then click on Average.

Apparently the best beers I’ve had in the past month are barley wines, old ales and sour red/brown ales. Which I don’t have a problem with, but it’s a change from the hop led styles that normally lead my rates. I do like Flemish sours though and anything old and slightly sour. A bit like Jeremy Hardy.

Style Count Average
Barley Wine 3 4.1
Old Ale 2 4.0
Sour Red/Brown 2 4.0

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Just a heads up: The “Average Rating:” under charts doesn’t work when you choose a particular style. So use the way Harrisoni suggested.

what a weird month for me


Abt/Quadrupel - 1 4.2
Imperial Stout - 2 4.05
Imperial IPA - 1 3.9

Had a very decent month in terms of beer.

Indeed, who would expect Faro and Pale Lager??

The quad and 2 Belgian Strongs are due to me trying Rochefort 6, 8 and 10 for the first time during the mass online tasting on the forums.

The 7 imperial stouts were me specifically having some older ones over the past couple of weeks that I had lying around to make way for the stupid amount of new ones. A very atypical past month compared to my usual which I imagine usually has IPA, DIPA and Stout featuring in the top 3.

I only rated 40 beers over that time period but from 30 styles, i do tend to spread things around but that’s good even for me.

For me its the following…

Black IPA - 4.1
Sour Red/Brown - 4.1
Imperial Porter - 3.9

27 Different styles for me.

Highest (5 beers); Imperial Stout @ 3.9
2nd (2 beers); Sweet Stout @ 3.7
3rd (2 beers); Session IPA @ 3.5


A backlog of several hundred might change this massively this, but it looks believable:
Lambic Style - Fruit 1 3.5
Weizenbock 1 3.4
Imperial Porter 2 3.35
Baltic Porter 3 3.33

It’s been a good month for beer:

Abbey Dubbel 1 3.8
Baltic Porter 2 3.75
Smoked 2 3.75

Imperial Porter 1 4.3

big problem with a 1 month period is a single rate is likly to take it

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