What's your top DMV/NOVA/Baltimore brewery?

Just looked at my top breweries list of over five ratings and Commonwealth is mine. I thought it would have been Aslin, but I guess Commonwealth has been a little more consistent for me. Also, it’s my top brewery overall with over 30 ratings. Perhaps more surprising is The Answer is next, then Smartmouth?? Then Veil and Aslin tied, then Red Dragon, then Triple Crossing.

Actual DC breweries, top is Right Proper.

Aslin, The Veil, and Commonwealth, in that order.

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VA: Commonwealth, Ocelot, Triple Crossing, The Answer, Veil, Aslin

MD: Sapwood, RAR, Union Craft, Crooked Crab

DC: Right Proper, Bluejacket, Atlas, Public Option


Apparently mine is Port City with Flying Dog a distant 2nd.

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Port City doesn’t put out a lot of beers but they are consistently good. Their porter is a go-to beer for me when dem tickz aren’t availble


No Adroit love or they don’t compare with the breweries y’all mentioned? I dig most of what I’ve tried from them but pricing keeps me from getting more into them.

No, probably because I don’t love super high alcohol barrel-bombs so much, but that’s just me.


Or exploding bottles


I’m often not there for very long so have to take what few I can find in one stop.
Most likely a TW or something similar.
No time for visiting breweries.

Not sure how the Coronavirus is going to affect these places in the coming weeks, but depending on where you go there are some better options than TW for to-go bottles and cans (and crowlers/growlers). Since you mention Total Wine, I’m assuming you’re usually in VA.

These two are great options for to-go beer:

-Dominion Wine and Beer in Falls Church
-Norms in Vienna
-Department of Beer and Wine in Alexandria (more for crowler/growler fills)

To be fair, TW does have a decent local selection, which should be adequate if you aren’t able to make it to either of those places.

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Very nice of you to offer this advice thank you. The Falls Church spot especially sounds good.
You’re right though when I’m up that way it’s almost always Va. My wife and I will go to visit daughter and grandson in Alexandria or elderly relatives in Newport News. Either way it’s usually a family affair and simply not about me, so I don’t trouble anyone to go to bottle shops. I generally just settle for a supermarket or TWs in McLean, downtown Alex. Fredericksburg or Newport News, Va. Beach.
At least at TW I’m guaranteed an opportunity to grab a trunkload of stuff I can’t get at home in one 15 minute stop.

BTW: Daughter just moved to Charlotte so that means less frequent Va trips. :frowning:

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Gotcha :+1:t2:

I realized I never responded to the original post. Are we talking about actual top in terms of review ratings, numbers or perceptions on my top picks?

I’m going to base this off of breweries I’ve had 30+ beers from, and select my favorite from those:

Virginia: Ocelot, The Veil, Commonwealth, Solace

DC: Bluejacket, Right Proper, DC Brau

Maryland: Union, Stillwater, Heavy Seas

Most DC and MD breweries don’t break that 30+ threshold unfortunately, RAR and Atlas would probably make the list.

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I just meant when you look at your breweries with more than 5 ratings list @radagast83, which DMV area breweries come up highest

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