When did Ratebeer open up for "business"?

I’m guessing 2000? Anyone know for sure?

May 2000 according to ratebeer.com:


There’s an interesting thread on BA aboot the number of IPAs in the database over the years:

Number of American India Pale Ales and Double IPAs listed on BeerAdvocate over the last 20 years (includes retired beers).

1998 = 4
2008 = 2,148
2018 = 61,629 (18% of the beers in our database)

Is there any way to find out the same for RB?

Only Joe has access to the database to answer that question; but it’s interesting and I will ask if we can calculate similar metrics for all styles.

Yes, for sure RB opened in 2000.

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we have 59790 IPAs and 20831 DIPAs in our database, altogether 80621, which makes up 12.65% of our database.

In 2001, we had 101 IPAs in the database out of a total of about 4500 beers (or so it seems according to a search on the archived version on the internet archive) and not even a style called Imperial IPA.

In 2008, it’s hard to pin it down because the page of “top raters by style” is only available for premium users.



I came to this thread because I thought you were asking when it sold (in part) to In-Bev, i.e in 2016 (https://www.goodbeerhunting.com/sightlines/2017/6/2/ratebeer-zx-ventures-acquisition-minority-stake-anheuser-busch-inbev) which probably is worth mentioning in this thread, as an important event in RateBeer’s business history.

I don’t think so. Pretty much everyone who posts regularly on this forum is aware of that.