When does Aslin Alexandria open?

Last I heard was that they delayed to mid July. Today is the 14th, I see nothing about an opening. Google maps makes it look like they are already open. Their FB page is not clear. I might just ride down and see if there’s a sign on the door, but won’t get a chance till next weekend.

As much as I love Aslin’s beer, I believe they either have the worst luck in planning new facilities or they are just beer guys who supremely suck at the logistics of setting up a new place. At this point I shudder to think how much money they’ve sunk into rent on the various places they’ve tried to work out – hopefully it doesn’t mean they go the way of Mad Fox due to bad property/money management. Maybe they ought to hire someone to help with this kind of thing?

Anyway, this is obviously all speculation and I genuinely hope it’s not true. But as for any new Aslin facility opening, I’ll only believe it when I’m sitting there at the bar tasting it.

I intend to go sometime this weekend.

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They are planning on expanding into Virginia Beach and in Charlottesville in the next 2-3 years.

Good luck with that guys.


I like a lot of their beer, but I read an article about the new location that really put a sour taste in my mouth:

A few highlights:

“People know us as an IPA and stout brewery, and I know it’s probably a bold statement but I think we could make the best beer of every style on the East Coast,” he [Kelley] says. “It doesn’t scare me to say that. Once we are able to focus on our lagers, we’re going to produce top 3 lagers in the country.”

“I think we provide unique products that you can’t really get around here,” the co-founder [Kelley] says.
“The closest peer we have in terms of putting out similar styles and quality would be The Veil in Richmond, and Tired Hands if you go north. I’m not saying there aren’t other breweries that make good beer, but in terms of rotating [recipes] and pushing the limits, it’s The Veil and Tired Hands and us.”

I can tell by the tone from the owner(s) in that article that they wouldn’t give two shits what some random guy says on a beer forum about them, but man their tone really put me off them real hard. I don’t mind shooting for the stars and believing in yourself, but those statements are a bit too grandiose and come across as incredibly arrogant.

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Have they won as many GABF awards as the other brewery in the City of Alexandria?:wink: Despite that snark, happy about this as a citizen of Alexandria. They said the urban winery would be next door? Do they mean also on Pickett in Alexandria?

Looks like they planned the parking situation well

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/sells exploding cans of unfermented beer. “We’re the best brewers in America!”

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Some of the other businesses around there aren’t open on weekends I think they can make some kind of deal for those who don’t come by uber, transit, or bike. (I intend to ride there as a general rule, but today was too hot and I stayed home - not gonna drive on a code orange day - or whatever it was - if I can help it)

So my loving wife drove me out there on Friday. Big, character free brewery, but we’re here for the beer anyway. Big lineups but at least they went fast. Cheapest beer on tap was $4 for a half pour, they don’t do flights. Staff was friendly enough - less snobby that the people at the Veil, though that article seriously makes me cringe, @radagast83 . They had their own foodtruck making stuff that looked pretty good on menu but didn’t try. They don’t have their crowler functionality down yet, and only had two beers on sale in four packs of tall cans when I arrived. Some good beer obviously, but I actually found the lighter beers they had on tap were fairly bad, so we’ll see about this top three lager idea. Makes you wonder if they can still make a good beer when they aren’t hiding behind 60 million tons of hops and vanilla or a million weird ingredients in their stouts. I guess that is “pushing the limits.”

Anyway, small sample size obviously and I still love most of their stuff. But ya, that arrogance. They are good but not the only ones in NoVa other than veil. Commonwealth, Triple Crossing, Ocelot, The Answer to a degree…

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Also this line reveals finally what happened with the Herndon tasting room:

A further wrinkle in the Herndon tasting room saga, according to Kelley, is that the building’s general contractor “went bankrupt and stole a bunch of money” from Aslin. This, in turn, has led to an ugly legal dispute.

Also some good news, they are dumping shitty beer rather than sell it:

"We’ve dumped so many sour beers because we weren’t able to focus on those products.”

Its not industrial style, not sure I’d say character free. Lots of art, very, modern. Like if MOMA opened a taproom. But damn its noisy. Also I see no bike parking. Port City totally has them beat for bikeability, despite the bike lanes on Pickett.