When our families / friends / roomies strike (and mess with our beer :D)

So, I reckon most of us have stories when someone messed with rare/expensive beers we’ve saved for rating/aging/trade/whatever, giving it away, drinking it, letting others drink them etc. What are your favorite ones? :smiley:

no one has really ever touched my beer.

But I once drank a bottle of Oerbier Reserva at 3:30 am with a couple of friends who are not at all into beers and all of us were a bit inebriated already, to say the least.

My wife (a beer lover) has a tendency to break out expensive bottles at 3:00 am. Sometimes I remember to stop her, sometimes it is too late. Never rated Anchorage Rondy Brew because of this.

My mom f***d up and drank my last first-batch bottle of a very rare local pils, which was indeed very good, unlike the second batch (which was the last too and much more sucky). Berated her, she even called the brewery but never got a replacement (of course). Still, she never ever dared repeat that again, moan though as she might that “beer would go great with this and that” (that was far later from the Westy 12 story)…

… apart from once. She broke out a not-yet-cold 0.75l bottle of a French beer I’ve only had once, never seen it before afterwards. To cook with!!! Our friends were there so she felt like I wouldn’t make a scene and that she would get their support… She didn’t dare repeat it since. Ganging up on me for shit like that only makes me more pissed off. Barely got a rate.

It was announced that Liefmans went bankrupt and I went to the only Belgian beer place in the country and got two bottles to store (at bar prices). Figured I wouldn’t be able to get more ever again. One ended up randomly in the fridge. I go away on a trip and my roommate throws a party at my place. I return to find the bottle of Goudeband from the fridge and some Austrian bock lying empty on the balcony or something… Got livid. Apparently some guys ran out of booze and asked my roommate if they could take something from the fridge, he considered it fair game (unlike the closets) because banana. They don’t go for 2l of pale lager that was in the fridge, no, they go for the fancy stuff. Then have the audacity to complain that it sucked anyway, “it went sour”. :man_facepalming: To “make it right” they promise to bring something I haven’t had from Serbia (so, at least a 7th if not a 10th of what I’d paid for what they drank, but it would be okay in my book). I clearly tell them what not to bother with buying/bringing. Of course they manage to bring a bottle of some shit I’d had… :smile: Mright, told them to drink it themselves.

Thankfully, Goudenband’s still around. Man I love that.