When was the last month you didn't have an IPA?

This question is, I suppose, mostly for people who rate consistently, but I thought it interesting given how many IPAs are on the market. When was the last month you rated none of the following: Session IPA, Imperial IPA, Hazy IPA, IPA, or Black IPA?

Literally never. I’ve had at least four IPAs every month since I started. Only two months I didn’t have a black IPA. At least two IIPAs every month. Only three months I didn’t have a session IPA. Hazy IPA is a bit more interesting. You can actually plot out the history of hazy IPAs in New Zealand from my ratings of them. Had at least one every month since Feb 2018 though.

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Only the months when I just started as I was living in Taipei and got into RB because I kept trying to figure out whaat the Belgian beers were at this bar I always went to.

Haven’t ad any this month yet but sure that’ll change. February 2011 is last time i had none i didn’t rate nearly as much then I did have some APA though.

Probably a decade or so ago before I first tried a foreign craft beer & one of the first ones I tried was an IPA.

Unrelated but it seems like the first Belgian IPA was Struise / Mikkeller Elliot Brew in 2007.

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I think about 12 years ago for the last time. One of the first was Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA, been seeking them out ever since.

Last year I did a dry full month. That’s it.
Otherwise, no chance, it has to be IPA.

Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen IPA - forgot about that one. That was the first BE beer to use the IPA name.

Probably never? Except for when I first got into beer I guess when I only had lagers, goldens/bitters etc from supermarkets. Don’t think I’ve ever had a month without any IPA since that time, it quickly became my go-to style.

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Never for me since I joined beer sites.

I’m fairly impressed that I’ve had no ipa in last 15 rates that’s an anomaly.

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Looks like January for me.

Never, very rare even for a week of not having a new IPA

No IPA’s in July 2014 for me.

Probably before I got into beer that’s not from yuge industrial style breweries. Beer choices in beer pubs here were basically different macro lagers, local and brands from neighbour states brewed under license. A lot has changed since then, and while I have since stopped actively hunting for IPAs. They’re everywhere. And while I’d enjoy if more broadly available, balanced APAs were around, I still rather enjoy them.

Only the first month in which I signed up and that was about 8 days.

September 2002. Last month of living in the UK. Having come from San Diego I first found ratebeer because I missed IPAs.

No Kernel back then?

If you take a look at the breweries pages I think the majority of breweries in the UK weren’t around in 2010, let alone 2002!

According to the Greater London page the following breweries were founded before 2010 and are still active:

Fuller’s (1845)
Meantime (2000)
Zerodegrees (2000)
Twickenham (2004)
Brodie’s (2008)
Sambrooks (2009)

  • 13 closed breweries.

The Kernel = 2010.


Somewhere far back in the mists of time!