When you try to update a brewer listing and you see this


Still killin’ Untappd I see.

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Much prefer ours to Untapp’d, clean, informative, orderly.

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Ditto. That and our better stats and the forums are what makes me continue to choose RB over the ugly yellow site.

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Yeah me too! but when you arrive at the place on a visit and you have 2 beers in the DB out of 20 of the board…you go back to UT, at least the time you are on the visit…unless your friends/wife are patient enough for you to enter them all on site…

Yeah with 19 reviews for 24 beers it’s super informative.

And stats. Lot of stats. Just look at the numbers.

I presume people are referring to their own stats which is what I value on here and Untapped cannot replicate. Untappd just has some yellow blobs. The fact that 2,000 people have entered yellow blobs doesn’t mean shit to me.

Stats are clear, UT 222 beer RB 22 Beer on that brewery.
Yellow blobs or not. Breweries clearly say they use UT Only and dont care about maintaining RB
All entered in RB is by us, most entered in UT is by breweries.
And yes RB listing is much better and easy to read and I preffer that.

I love stats and in my opinion it’s one of the few advantages RB has over UT. I’d love to see more of them (and did make quite a few suggestions) since those we have have been around for ages (not really a surprise knowing how RB is run).

Which are the stats UT can’t replicate? UT has similar data categories as RB and could replicate majority of personal stats. They made a small step in that direction by giving some extra stats to the premium users.

Agreed. However for years UT has been putting zero effort into their web page. And I’m very curious if they’ll improve it anytime soon. When it comes to apps the brewery beerlist interface is not that different.