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Where are all those new members?

So here’s the supposed Membership trend (new RB members) for 2019 so far.

month/ year/ new users/ total
January 2019 7079 610089
February 2019 6439 616528
March 2019 6268 622796
April 2019 6220 629016
May 2019 6592 635608
June 2019 6160 641768
July 2019 7170 648938
August 2019 8313 657251
Sept 2019 16775 674026
October 2019 12333 686359
Nov 2019 2537 688896
Dec 2019 545 689441 (2413.57)

Here’s the Top Countries For Last Month Growth

new users total
United States 62
England 18
Poland 15
India 11
Canada 8
Australia 7
Netherlands 7
Russia 7
China 6
Germany 6
Belgium 5
France 5
Spain 5
Thailand 5
Italy 4

This is far from the 2537 new members registered in november…

Where are they? all fake accounts?


As there are so few raters in my local counties (Surrey and Hants) I tend to spot new members. There are a couple who are rating maybe one beer a month on average. Don’t get it.

Or probably members who sign in and left straigth away after the super nice and friendly user experience that assigns you a random silly username like BarrelHelles76, LagerHops99, TekuHefe43 without giving you the chance to modify it yourself. Would you use a website like that? I would not.


And then, if you check, barely no-one of those users rate a beer


Those generic account / usernames without countries are plaguing the site right now…

Why are you dismissive about our 99.9% silent majority overlords?


Yeah, and they’re the ones who are most valuable to the site - as they will never be responsible for any server load or storage requirements!

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