Where are the people from Beoir?

If I read this correctly, Third Barrel is an honest microbrewery, whilst the composing brands (Stone Barrel and Third Circle) used to be client brewers.


Obligatory “I’m not Irish but…” I believe that’s correct, yes.
I don’t think Third Circle or Stone Barrel have released any beers since early 2022, and both brands no longer post on social media. It’s looking like they’ve done away with them now?

Seems like I need to update Stone Barrel and Third Barrel as I’ve just spotted we have the client/microbrewery the wrong way around for them.

We don’t have a dedicated Irish admin at the moment but I’m still sort of taking care of it when time permits, and this was one of the messes I inherited when I became a UK admin. :slight_smile:

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I feel your pain. :upside_down_face:
Good luck sorting it all out.
There used to be one of the people from Beoir on the site, but it’s been long since I heard from him. Too bad.
Cheers, Joris