Where did my rating go?

I’m pretty sure I added this beer. I’m pretty sure I rated it. That’s definitely my photo of the beer, and yet there’s no rating. Where did it go, and are there others like this?

Actually, thinking about it, I spelled fête correctly, and didn’t add it a seasonal beer. Someone has been fiddling around with stuff…


Rating transfer?

No. That Cuvee one was from last night. The Fete was a couple of weeks ago.

I did the Admin release on this one and it was certainly added by you on the 8th December. Weird if your rating has gone missing, I wouldn’t have particularly noticed if it had been rated and I certainly wouldn’t have changed the Fete part of the title. I have now changed the Season to Winter, not sure why it was down as Series. We are getting between 30 to 50 new beers a day for England and Wales presently so it’s a little difficult to remember each one.

Cheers for the info, Glen. I guess I’ll have to re-rate it when I have it again. Very odd.