Where you had this beer - please restore autofill

I know this feature has been completely redesigned. But, in the old version it stored the places that were most likely to be where I found the beer, based on whatever criteria were used (my most common entries, brewery places, etc.)

Maybe the problem is between computer and chair here, but I’m not seeing that. When I enter a beer as being purchased at Legacy Liquor, I start typing in Legacy and get a bunch of brewery listings.

The machine should be able to determine two things. 1) I live 600m from Legacy Liquor and 2) I buy a lot of beer there.

Ergo, I should type in L and that’s the first thing that pops up.

If I’m missing something about the functionality, that’s cool. But if this really doesn’t have any intelligence based on geography or prior usage patterns built into it, then the feature should have that built into it.

Thank you.


Auto-suggestions are strange. I can be sitting in a location and it doesn’t show up in the 3 suggestions.

When I’m using the app, the locations suggested are always the closest from me. It even works when I start typing words.

But the mobile web version doesn’t work that well at all. The geolocation seems always a few hours late strangely…

Agree with Oakes’ points, but in addition I think it would be a good idea if the first suggestion was always the place where you entered your previous beer at. After all, most users will have several beers in a given location before moving on.


@aww said he was working on that kind of distribution. Last place, then closest place. Hope this is still in the plans.

Yes the plan is definitely to work towards the following:

Recently used:
Shows the last 3 places that you’ve used.

Ideally this enables a better experience for users reviewing multiple beers at the same location; or users who frequently visit/buy from a particular location.

Shows 3 places that are closest to you.

Hope that helps :grinning:


I never found it very helpful. Currently suggesting pubs 30 miles away in Londin.

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There’s like 20 places in the database within 1km of where I live. The brewery closest to me, I can’t even remember the last time I went into.

3-5 most frequent
place associated with that brewery (for on-premises drinking)
3 last places (for when I’m on the road)

After that, knock yourself out. But bringing up Big Rock Brewery every time I rate a beer at home is going to yield 1000 false positives for every one accurate guess.

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