Which beer should I try next?

I’m new here, this is my first post. And I’ve joined this forum to learn more about different beers I might like. One of my favorite beers is a Stella Artois. Based off Stella, are there any other beers that it would be recommend I try? I welcome advice.

Victoria Bitter mate. I heard it’s the best fucken beer ever brewed.


I’ve apparently never rated Stella: ISO!!!

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I think your next beer should be another refreshing glass of Stella Artioas.


There are some ‘Good People’ in Alabama;https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/good-people-brewing-company/9621/

Ask them!



I searched for Victoria bitter, found a few types. Which would be best for someone to try who enjoys Stella?

Maybe you can find Bell’s Lager of the Lakes or Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Pils in your area.

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Hi @SourPupil55 and welcome to the site!

If you want beers like Stella you’re in luck, as there’s an awful lot of similar mass-market industrial lagers out there - I don’t know brands local to you, but things like Heineken, Estrella Damm and Peroni Nastro Azurro have wide availability globally and will be pretty similar to Stella.

However, be aware that these industrial beers will often be loaded with adjuncts (cheap alternative ingredients such as maize and rice) which are used to reduce costs and increase profits - usually at the expense of quality. Malvrich already mentioned some higher quality brews local to you, but I would suggest that you also look at styles other than just lager. Former industrial lager-drinking friends of mine who have tried other styles now refuse to go near the industrial lagers if they can possibly avoid it.

Firstly, why not try some pale ales and IPAs -Sierra Nevada Pale Ale was mentioned above and is one of the easiest to obtain but other widely available ones that I prefer are Founders Pale Ale, Odell Drumroll, Anchor Liberty, Brewdog Punk IPA or Stone IPA. A lot of people find these type of beers a natural progression (and a step up in quality and flavour) from industrial lagers.

Alternatively, some of my friends abandoned lager after discovering and falling in love with Belgian beer styles. Leffe, Grimbergen and Duvel are some of the most widely distributed of these. Be prepared for a huge difference in taste (and higher strength!) to lagers, but like I say in my experience these seem to often appeal to lager drinkers looking to try something new.

My biggest advice though would be to try lots of different beers and review and rate them on this site. Once you’ve had a few, the statistics on this site will show which style of beer you’re scoring highest, and help you to discover the best beers in that style (it was only through this site that I discovered how much I liked beers in the “mild” style).

Also, once Covid allows, try to get down your local brewery taproom and also try to meet up with other ratebeerians. Brewers and beer enthusiasts will all be keen to share their knowledge with you and help you find your new favourite beer. Also, often the best beers are those served fresh at the brewery tap.

Enjoy your beer journey wherever it takes you - hopefully as well as great beer you’ll have a lot of fun and meet new friends along the way.


He’s not worthy.

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It’s this one mate


Thank you

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I will search for them, thank you

I have had other beers such as IPAs out at the bar and I don’t yet have an appreciation for them. Your post about the mass market and cheap alternatives beer I’m now drinking has me convinced to branch out a little. Moving away from Stella, what might be a good “starter beer” that isn’t as advanced as many of the beers you like, but is of a better qualify that what im drinking now? Is there a beer or two you might recommend to help me bridge this gap and advance to the better beers over time?
Your detailed post was excellent. Thanks

This really depends on where you are located. Most beers have a limited distribution. I see you say you are from Alabama, but even there, some parts may have one beer but other parts may not. If there are local breweries, it is a good idea to just sample what they have, as flights are generally available, so you do not have to commit to a full beer. That said, there are a number of high quality German lagers that are worth trying that might be available, but again no idea what their distribution is where you live. If you name your town or county, people may be better able to guide you to what is readily available.

Pilsner Urquell. Birrificio Italiano Tipopils. Neumarkter Lammsbräu Zzzisch Edel Pils. Starobrno Premium Lager. Harviestoun Schiehallion.


This seems to be the obvious springboard.

I’ll throw in Konig and Bitburger, which are German import pilsners commonly sold in 4 pack pints for very attractive prices.
Also, consider a kolsch. Light dry, balanced and well carbonated. I think it’s an elegant if unspectacular style. Classic examples include Gaffel and Reisdorf. These also can often be found in 4 packs.
I’m hardly the expert many here are but these are tried and true go-tos of mine.

I’m in Berks County, PA.

I didn’t realize my profile auto selected Alabama. I’ve made the needed correction so people can see I’m from south East pa.

Have you tried Victory Prima Pils?

OK, ignore my ‘Good People’ post! They are in Birmingham, Alabama.