Which brewery you've sampled from is your worst rated?

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Provide brewery - #sampled - avg score


City Brewery (La Crosse Plant) Wisconsin - 7 - 1.49

(for reference: AB - 88 - 2.29)

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Of those with 5+ rates, my lowest is:

Dundee Brewing Company (5 rates) at 2.20

Let me guess without looking first: Peddler Brewing Company.

It actually is Bulmers Cider (1.84), then Heineken Netherland (2.0), then Germany’s Unknown Origin Brewery (2.09), then Peddler (2.21). Not too far off, considering Ciders are not beer, Unknown Origin Beers are not really a brewery and Heineken, well, they brew a couple of things I wouldn’t think off…


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Monteith’s - 7 - 2.59

Local macro run ‘faux-craft’ brand.

Looks like Starr Hill - 5 ratings averaging 3.0

Lidl, clocking in at an average of 1.92 :laughing:

The worst microbrew at a glance appears to be Tipping Point on Hong Kong Island (2.46).

Obolon from the Ukraine and AbInbev from another backward country.

Cerveceria La Constancia, El Salvador - 5 ratings at 1.04

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Yes, Miller for me too. Had seven of their beers, I must be mad.


Carlsberg UK for me.


Caledonian (Heineken UK). 5 at 2.5.

Of microbreweries, Zerodegrees. 8 at 2.77.

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Kopparbergs Brygger with 6 beers and an average of 1.32. One of them is a cider so I suppose more correctly it is 5 beers and 1 cider. Not only is the brewery with at least 5 ratings with the lowest average score, it also has the beer with my lowest ever score at 0.6.

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Worst overall: Berliner Kindl - 5 beers - 1.76 average

Worst micro: Louis Loyal - 5 beers - 2.08

Worst brewery regarded as at least decent: Hof ten Dormaal - 10 beers - 2.34 average. Basically because of their horrible BA projects

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Anheuser-Busch InBev Missouri 15 1.4
United Dutch Breweries Netherlands 6 1.4
Miller Brewing Company (MillerCoors) Wisconsin 5 1.16

These are my 3 worst, no real surprises.

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Innis & Gunn.

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Old Town Brewery (formerly Motala Brygghus), 5 rated, avg at 1.74. Terrible small time brewery, all my ratings are from the time they called themselves Motala Brygghus. They basically didn’t sanitize anything, every single beer was super infected. Can’t believe they’re still in business.

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Almost all of my bottom 50 are macro, and most of those multinationals. I’m shocked that Van Pur is only 10th, as I feel that they make the worst beer. (Veltins make the worst non-beers, though.)
Heineken (France) France 1.4
Brauerei C.& A. Veltins North Rhine-Westphalia 1.3
Karlsberg Brauerei Saarland 1.2

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Atwater. Easily.

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Beck’s. 7 ratings, 1.37.

And two of the top 3 are non alcoholic beers.

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