Which is the best combination recipes with beer?

Which is the best combination recipes with beer?

You can’t go wrong with a doner pizza.

Beyond that you’re going to have to be more specific.

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What do you mean by combination recipe?

I am just asking that. What is the best combination with beer, like BBQ, Fries chicken. etc

I understand what you are saying, however I would have said what food pairs well with beer. Your question is too broad for me. What kind of beer stouts/porter, wheat beers, Belgian beers, barley wines/strong ales, yellow fizzy beer. I like different beers with different food.

yellow fizzy beer. :smile:

Thank you Webstaurantstore. For the suggestion. #Vapesnsmokes

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Maybe it will sound weird, but I like drinking beer with vegan pumpkin bread, especially, by this recipe https://recipes.cafe/en/Vegan-Pumpkin-Bread-Recipe-for-Halloween-and-Other-Holidays . I like dark beers and when it combines with pumpkin taste it becomes a perfect recipe of beer drinking.

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