Who is coming to gbbf?

Great first time. 42 new rates. Not all I highlighted but good start. Thursday is tickers day. Hope to fill the books.

Nice to see you there yesterday, albeit very briefly!

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I’m back down tomorrow around 1500 till late.

Friday afternoon is a possibility also.

We need to get together again so you can show me how to give beers only 5* on Untappd. :joy:

I’ll be there from noon to close tomorrow. I need the beers after family day in London and daddy daycare night while wife takes in a show.

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If anyone is going to GBBF on friday or saturday this week, a bit of a heads up, they are not giving refunds for the glasses. Anyone know what the idea behind this is?

what !

Might put me off bothering Friday … or bring my own glass !

Ready to promote the bosses at GBBF. Free advertising!

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I’m going to hit GBBF tomorrow. If pickings are thin I’ll head to CBL. Having taken a look at the beer lists for tomorrow there seem to be less breweries on than advertised at the latter. Unless they are split over the weekend.

More importantly - I’m going to be heading up earlier than I need to as I’ll catch the same train as my wife who’s off to London too. Anyone know of anywhere good for a fry up in the area?

Good to see there’s plenty left.