Who is left in NYC?

So, who is still rating in NYC and checking forums or at least interested in these things?

just @mansquito and @trapped ???

There seem to be a bunch of other raters but I think trapped and I are the two that regularly check the forums.

I rate a cider now and then. Check the forums, but all I see is political trolling from OT in my feed…

anything good in NYC? Your ratings confirm my experience, majority of US cider is sweet alcohol water.

So, what is actually worthwhile nowadays in NYC? I come back home about once a month but usually stuck in South Brooklyn, where my only option is Coney Island Brewing (notice I am the top rater).

I’ve been able to check up some of the breweries close to South Brooklyn that have opened up in the past few years. But what do people consider to be the best breweries in NYC and the best bars? I am still stuck in 2008 as far as bars go.

Though mostly true, A bottle here & there is enough to keep it going. It’s all chewy ipas, dry meads & sweet saisons out here. End of days…

seriously, wtf is up with that. I tried the All Wise meads and I was thrown a curve. Polish meadmakers turning in their graves.

While not totally untrue, there are several hyper-local brands that keep people hoping.

i still look at this junk but theres really no point anymore, i keep longing for something that just doesnt exist here anymore.

I know what you mean, we are stuck in the past.

Are you still in Jersey?

Speaking of Jersey, who is left there? @jtclockwork @jimmack @dmac ???

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There is a ton of worthwhile stuff in NYC these days and there have been threads listing many of those places. In any case, here is a brief summation:

  1. Closest good places to South Brooklyn, which is a beer desert: Five Boroughs brewery in Sunset Park and Double Windsor in Windsor Terrace.

  2. Good breweries in general: Finback (probably my favorite) in Glendale. Grimm and Interboro in East Williamsburg. KCBC in Bushwick. Mikkeller NYC in Corona (technically a franchise). Threes and the much hyped Other Half in Gowanus. Singlecut in Astoria is quite good and has come out as quite a contender. LIC Beer Project and Fifth Hammer in LIC are pretty solid. Transmitter under a bridge in LIC is also a nice Belgian/Saison brewery. Gun Hill in the Bronx is solid, but I have not been there in quite a while nor have had much of their beers lately. Even Staten Island has three breweries now!

  3. As for bars, there are tons of good ones: The Well in East Williamsburg, Proletariat in East Village, Torst in Greenpoint, Gold Star Beer Counter in Prospect Heights, Covenhoven in Crown Heights, Owl Farm and Mission Dolores in Park Slope. Any one of the three Randolph beer locations, one of which is also a brewery. The Sampler in Bushwick. Bierwax in Prospect Heights. BGH in Cobble Hill. St. Gambrinus in Fort Greene. Plus plenty more that I have forgotten or did not list.

So in short, the NYC beer scene is healthy and hopping even though there remain a number of veritable beer deserts.


Eugene! I am rarely on RB nowadays, in fact I barely recognize the site or most of the people. Still in NJ, but unless I am purposely kept out of the loop I do not think anyone really gets together any more. Last time I saw any of the old crew was at Paul’s place back at least three years ago. It’s a shame, we had a really good set of people in the tri-state area. I miss the old RB days.
So where are you living these days? Weren’t you in like Kansas or someplace?


Yep. Max, Paul, and Jay and I hang out sometimes but that’s about the extent of it, I can’t even remember the last time someone did a real tasting. I couldn’t host it anymore cause of the kid at this age, nor Max, but maybe I’ll check in with Paul and see if he wants to try to put something together. We all still have a ton of beer left to get rid of lol

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Well summarized, just one more category to add:
4. An ever increasing number of bottle shops with tons of new stuff finding their way in. Last week I visited two of my favorites and ended up carrying home around 20 cans as the week’s haul. So my favorite bottle shops in no specific order are:
Malt & Mold - Gramercy
Milk and Hops (3 locations, but the Chelsea one is my favorite)
City Hops - btw Midtown East and Lenox Hill areas
Astoria Bier and Cheese (2 locations in Astoria, Queens)

Since I live in Manhattan, I tend to visit Manhattan locations more frequently, but I try to venture out to new places regularly. So my latest find is nice little bar in Bronx, called Locksmith.
One final piece of info, Singlecut is getting bigger, they have bought the Shmaltz brewery location at Clifton Park.

Kansas -> Chicago -> Seattle -> Maryland near Delaware border -> now in Baltimore

Jim, I can’t believe you haven’t kept up :grin:

Baltimore will probably be a longer stay.

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Close to me, I haven’t been impressed with 5 Boroughs. To be fair, I have visited all these place only once but Strong Rope and Folksbier stood out more. Again, small sample size.

My goal is to get out to Island to Island Brewing and try some of the Staten Island ones. Queens is probably a long ways away.

But keep this thread going for whenever I find myself in a position to get away from family/friends and drink beer, I will look at it.

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Very recently I visited Island to Island, and they have some weird beers. One of them was a ginger beer with 17% ABV, strange but somehow drinkable.

I moved over here from London a couple of years ago and while never much of a rater used to participate in the tastings over there.

Always up for sharing a few ticks.


Hey beastiefan2k and everyone,

Thanks for even thinking about me 1st of all. Sadly like most of the guys have said our group has just grown apart/died over the years, much like RB to most of us. I still love the beer scene and really miss our old NY/NJ and a few PA guys even group. For me RB didn’t just slowly start dying as the group drifted apart and the tastings were less and less but the comminity in general started dying off. I used to love chat but as time went on that went away too. I wanted to keep rating here but everyone I knew was on Untapped and I was literally the only person rating on here. Trust me I wanted to keep rating on here but as I continued to rate I would have to add an Other Half beer only to see it already had almost 300 or more rates on Untapped. The writing was on the wall. As I started rating less and less on here and the new format just seemed weird and less and less chat I signed on to RB less and less. Still need to find a way to switch over like 6 or 7 thousand rates from here to Untapped so I don’t have to drink all those beers again lol.

If anyone want to do some sort of old school meetup Im 100% in!!!

Skol Dave


Not a NYC citizen, but was there in spring to do a 2-day intensive sightseeing & beer trip, and hope to return at some point.

In support to what has been mentioned above with respect to brewpubs / breweries, I can also recommend the following (everything walking distance from the underground): SingleCut, Other Half, and Bronx Brewery in the Bronx.

Heartland @ Empire State Building is crap, Circa in Brooklyn is meh.

Would love to go back and visit Gun Hill, Grimm and LIC.