Who like the New Search Then

So the New search has been there a while now, and as far as im concerned still behaves oddly and unpredicably. So

  • I Prefer the New Search
  • I Prefer the Old Search
  • I have no Preference

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Personally i can see what they are trying to do, i just dispute that it works, and would like to see an Option in our user profiles to be able to set the search to the Old Search. So if new casual users find the new search more helpful. Great but those of us that hate it can stick with what we like

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You have to be even more accurate with spelling and leave out any punctuation features with the new search. The old wasn’t great but it was much more accurate than the current nonsense. The old didn’t log you out every 10 minutes as well.
The effort that went into this could have been used in improving the site with more of what the users want, but that goes for quite a lot of what is happening presently.

I like the new search, but when i clicked on the poll it put me in the “I prefer the Old Search” group, probably user error on my part.

I had massive issues finding some beers and breweries on the old search, especially ones with short common names. Often I had to go to the regional brewery list and then into the breweries beers.

If I’m trying local / regional beer i only tend to search for the brewery as a high percentage of these beers need to be added, so search for the beer name is pointless.

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Hasn’t this issue been resolved? I know it has for me now.

Had 3 so far this morning, hits me in Admin areas along with search and Forums.