Who will be next to 10k?

Josh has just done it. Several of us are close - Andy, Chris, Donnie, and Dick are in proximity. [I don’t have a prayer until/unless ticks actually count, which even I am not advocating]

Who is next? Any pomp and circumstance planned?

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Worrrrrddd fakers and perpetrators

@kraddel is not going to be next but there is a shitload of pomp & circumstance planned.

My own 10k beer recipe is also in the works right now.

At my current rate, it will take me a couple years.

Definitely not me :disappointed_relieved:

I think it’s gonna be Donnie. I should get to 10K by the end of the year, probably the fall. I gotta imagine Donnie will be there by mid-summer.

I’m thinking Donnie.

I get some pretty solid sprints of ratings in, but it’s usually followed by some pretty long lulls. I’ll probably hit 10k sometime by the end of the year, if I’m lucky.

Yeah i’ll do mine on a big event in Antwerp, the 28th of July.

Everyone is welcome, there will be 10 10K beers brewed for me.
Loads of added cool stuff as well. It’ll be awesome.

Here’s the link, in case you’d like to show up and have a drink together .

Ps IP trades at the event are Always welcome !


Wow 10 10k beers is solid. I didnt get any :disappointed_relieved:

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By the way the DC crew is looking about second only to the Danish crew in terms of raters with a shit ton of ratings.

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Unless Donnie is sandbagging, it looks like a race between Andy and Chris.

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Donnie is going to be sneaky and upload 500 ratings all at once…

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Donnie is going to be sneaky and upload 500 ratings all at once…

My 10k beer is barrel aging as I type


Please tell me it’s a Bruery beer called the 10K Beer Ninja - a 19% chocolate double bourbon barrelled pecan pie imperial stout with 25% extra added molasses

good organisation. I’m at 9350 ratings, have a RB Summer Gathering upcoming, and my 10k isn’t even being brewed until next Saturday :open_mouth:

I think Gene (travlr) ended up with a backlog of almost 2k beers that he held off rating while his 10k beer was fermenting. It was long enough his 10k, 11k and 12k beers got released at the same time…

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