Whole site search in the header?

Is it possible to get whole site search in the header to complement forum search?

  • Yes, I want whole site search in the header
  • No, I like it the way it is, clean and refreshing

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I assume this is in the forum side /site. Do we just search forum, or do we search both.

If that’s the case i dont actually think i have a preference at this point. Ive not actually searched on the community site till i saw the question

I don’t know exactly what you mean, but searching in the forums is really handy. However, there seems to be no way going from the forums towards rating a beer? Is it possible to include searching for beer as well in the ‘forum search bar’?



Leave the magnifying glass icon for searching the forums, maybe add a beer icon for the old site search (beers/breweries/places/users)


I see this has now been implemented. Seems like a brand new search (same as mobile app?) as it doesn’t just go to the old search page. Even includes scores and our ratings which is nice.

This seems like a pretty major addition that a lot of us wanted, how come no announcement about it? Your Friday (Monday?) Missives need to return.

probably being an idiot but im not seeing this

Scroll up in this thread and you will see “beer search” in the middle of the blue bar. Something like this will appear:


Curiously enough I don’t seem to be logged in on that page.

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oh very wierd. could be interesting

Hmm odd it wasnt there when i went to this thread, or when i followed your instructions
but on Refresh it appeard. SO thanks again

sadly https://ratebeer.com/phoenixsearch?q=garvie
does not return any users :smiling_imp:

Ummmmm, no. Must have to be premium.