Who's left on the uk forums?

Very quiet on here these days; how many of us actually come onto the UK forum.

Please post something on this thread if you are still about, even if you are now just ‘a lurker’.

We seem to have lost a lot of good people since ‘the announcement’ and the new split forum system.



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Still on here, and look on the forums most days,post most weeks.

we’ve gained a Sexy Hot Intelligent Guy tho !!!

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@Mr_Pink_152 … about time you revisted the county stats that you handle so well.

I hope to have climbed a little as focussed on some lower rated counties at this years GBBF.

That said I finally lost top spot in Surrey to @beardedavenger (took his bloody time … 3 years and 9 months since I bailed out) but have recently gained (not necessarily for long) top spot in Berkshire from @berkshirejohn

I’m probably here until the end…

I lurk way more than I post these days but try to make an effort if I see a thread relevant to my interests. I visit every day, multiple times in fact.

Haven’t yet renewed premium so have lost access to a lot of the stats pages now which is killing me. But I did say I wouldn’t renew if RB showed no signs of improvement, and it expired during the new activity feed shitstorm.
The styles overhaul was supposed to happen around the 15th (and then the 20th) September, that was almost 3 weeks ago and still no update on it. I’d been looking forward to that. Tags were made less prominent. So yeah I dunno, changes going on with various parts of the website that weren’t the changes we asked for.


Yes Im still here. I’ve had a pretty busy summer so I got well behind on the business end of the data, but now in a comfortable position so I can become more interactive again.

Still checking it out too…

Hello! I’m still here too, although like LazyPyro I’ve let my premium lapse until there’s any definite improvement (or until Joey at least gives us back all the toys we used to have…).

Also irritated that the styles overhaul (which at least initially showed signs of properly getting feedback from us users) seems to have been forgotten about.

Still, I’ll keep posting and rating, always liked the atmos and friendliness on the UK thread, especially the virtual pubs, trip logs, supermarket sweeps and stat twats.

Cheers all!

That’s for sure. Been rather busy, but hope to get out more. Next Saturday will be fun start. Also have some time in Edinburgh near Christmas. Been working on my backlog from before moving, which should be done next week. I hop on forums a few times a day. Sometimes I read and other times I’ll post if I have anything relevant. Cheers to active UK forum even if this is watered down from what it used to be…shawn

Yes I visit the forums most days and post from time to time.


I’m still around. Don’t post near as much as I used to. Nor do I post outside of the UK forum either. Been burned too many times in forum debates.

Preferred the old forum format but still lurking and posting occasionally

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I still post and lurk in the background

Lurk lurk.

welcome to the clube

still here. just rarely see anything I feel the need to comment on…

I never was a prolific poster but I’m leaving a comment because I’ve been politely asked to. :+1:t3:

First time I’ve logged in for about a year though. I used to enjoy the tasting sessions but don’t drink much during weekdays, boring I know. Pleased to see the familiar faces still about on here.

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