Who's moved which brewery out of Oxfordshire?

My Oxfordshire ratings have (in the last few days) dropped below 100. Would be interested to know which brewery’s moved and which county it’s gone to. Can’t work it out!


I was just thinking the same thing. I haven’t messed with any data this week. Although I have a few tasks to look into thanks to @Grumbo.

Hmmm… not Earth Ales for me, and definitely only happened in the last few days. Is there any way to get a list of the county-less UK breweries?

Yes, it was me. I have been doing a lot of work on Brewery updates over the last couple of weeks, we had fallen behind a little.
The Brewery that will have affected you is most likely to be Ridgeway. They had always brewed at Hepworth but had been based in Oxfordshire, but they have now built their own micro brewery within Hepworth and relocated there lock, stock and barrel.
There were several others to move through county borders for example Anarchy moved from Northumberland to Tyne & Wear, which has made Northumberland even harder for us Southerners.
Another that comes to mind is that we have always had North Cotswold in Gloucestershire, which was a mistake, it has always been located just within Warwickshire.
One moved from Merseyside to Wales but I forget which.


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In a slightly similar vein, Bobcat brewery in Huddersfield has always been in the list of South Yorkshire brewers, when obviously it should be under West Yorkshire.

Thanks for the info, Glen, that explains it. Does boost my West Sussex ratings though, which is a bonus.

As you say, the Anarchy move is a bugger. The Merseyside one you refer to must be Top Rope - also a bit of a bugger as I’ve struggled with Merseyside rates.

I just wish brewers would move to the tougher counties rather than away from them - how about a campaign to get Brewdog to move to Rutland, and GK to move to the IoW?!