Why are images so bad on the app?

Just wondering why the images of beers are so bad on the app.

As an example these are some screen grabs.

Rate beer app

Rate beer website on mobile

Untapped app

Only untapped Is readable. The rate beer images are awful with the app being worse than the website.

Another example

Rate beer app

Rate beer website

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When you upload a picture, it is compressed to a 10-40 ko “webp” format. It still looks ok somehow on desktop but the App doesn’t render it correctly. @services


We can look at updating the app, the image sizes are dynamically generated on our image service.

Let me know which images seem low res, I noticed the expanded beer image could do with a higher resolution, so I’ll updated that.

If there are any others, feel free to list, and I’ll pop out a new build.

Services @ RateBeer

With this image, it looks like the original source that was uploaded was quite low resolution… I’ll update that now with a higher resolution image.

Thanks, I would say about 80% of the images of beers I rate are of such low resolution on desktop that the label is unreadable. As I find them I will post on here.


Thanks, some of it we’re at the mercy of the upload, others we can change. The more it’s highlighted though, the better we can try and find some good source material for higher res images.

Services @ RateBeer

Can really read the image on this beer


So suggest this picture.

This beer has an unreadable image.


The image of this beer is really bad and unreadable



The issue with these ones now are with the source image. If you or any other admins can update them with higher res that would be much appreciated.

Services @ RateBeer

I’d updated these entries with these pictures when @Mr_Pink_152 posted this first, just forgot to reply.

So, I’m guessing we need to re-add a bunch of low-quality pics from before the issue is resolved.

Let’s use this thread to add links to the beers with effed up pics along with higher-res pics we can upload then.

Whenever I come across a dodgy low res image I will email a replacement through the normal channel.

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Thanks @Marko and @services. Happy New Year!!